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2 former child brides just took their country to court and won

2 former child brides just took their country to court and won




2 former child brides just took their country to court — and won.

Child marriage is still widespread in India despite laws raising the minimum age to 18 for

Choosing between a daughter and her dowry

Child marriage and the Syrian conflict: 7 things you need to know

10 takeaways from the West and Central Africa High-Level Meeting on Child Marriage

Four things we've learned about child marriage in West Africa

Afghanistan launches national action plan to end child marriage

A girl gets married every 2 seconds somewhere in the world

Michelle DeMello and her husband, Eric DeMello, were married when she was just 16 and five months pregnant, and he was 19. This archival photograph was ...

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Witness: Nepal's Child Brides And Grooms

'It put an end to my childhood': the hidden scandal of US child marriage

From Baltimore to Bangladesh, let's end child marriage

Child Marriage in the United States Explained

Child bride who brought down Warren Jeffs speaks out

Why Yemen Won't Ban Child Marriage and Rape

Sudan child marriage asequals elbagir pkg_00051604

Join us in ending child marriage: update on the UNICEF-UNFPA Global Programme

Humanitarian and natural disasters linked to increase in child marriage, warns Girls Not Brides

Florida child marriage laws Sherry Johnson_00001811

Fragile states, fragile lives: Child marriage amid disaster and conflict

Facebook hosted an auction for a South Sudanese child bride on October 25 and didn'

Poster against child and forced marriage

Unequal marriage, a 19th-century painting by Russian artist Pukirev. It depicts an arranged marriage where a young girl is forced to marry against her will.

We won't stop fighting for justice

The top countries with the highest rates of child marriage, based on the percentage of

Meet the girls taking on taboos in Bangladesh

Child marriage in India. In 1900, Rana Prathap Kumari age 12 married Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV age 16. Two years later, he was recognized as the King of Mysore ...

Warren Jeffs pictured during his trial in Utah in September 2007

... long fought against child marriage in the country. This victory is especially sweet as previous petitions filed in court to review the law had failed.

Child marriage in Malaysia: its relationship with religion, culture and patriarchy

A couple after celebrating their child marriage in Indonesia, about 1939.

Child marriages were common in history. Princess Emilia of Saxony in 1533, at age 16 married George the Pious, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, ...

Child marriage in West & Central Africa

Vincent Tremeau / Plan International West Africa

So 33 years ago, when was just 13, her parents persuaded her to marry her rapist.CreditAmanda Lucier for The New York Times

Married man with 2 wives who married 11-year-old girl as his third

Under Malaysian civil law, the marriage is still unrecognized, but is valid under Islamic law.

Youth come together on International Women's Day to end child marriage

Conflict in Syria: child marriage in the midst of a humanitarian crisis

Youth from 22 countries adopt Melaka declaration to end child marriage

A young bride at her Nikah.

“My name is Pooja and my child marriage happened just three years ago. I am still studying. I don't want to go to my in-law's place. I want to study more.”

Maybe some other girl will learn from my case and she too can stop her child marriage. And if she can't stop it, then I will even help her out myself!”

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Don't ruin their life. If someone does that forcefully, call ChildLine on 10-9-8. This will help stop child marriage.”


Outside a crowd of 300 has gathered. They are sitting under a huge awning in the middle of a sandy school playground. Most of them are either children in ...

Outside a crowd of 300 has gathered. They are sitting under a huge awning in the middle of a sandy school playground. Most of them are either children in ...

Afghan rapper Sonita talks child marriage in humanitarian crises

English stage actress Ellen Terry was married at age 16 to George Frederic Watts who was 46 years old, a marriage her parents thought would be advantageous; ...

Video - Child Marriage in Nepal: Our Time to Sing and Play

Goats and Soda · Why Child Marriage ...

A 2017 file photo shows logos of social networking service Facebook.

This skewed sex ratio leads to a shortage of girls of marriageable age which, in turn, fuels the demand for child brides.

Child Marriage In The United States: A Serious Problem With a Simple First-Step Solution

So if a family only has money to send one child to school, they will send the boy and not the girl.

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Korean traditional wedding ceremony.

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The impact and cost of child marriage prevention in three African settings

The roving shelters: improving girls' lives in post-earthquake Nepal

Nepal: Child Marriage Threatens Girls' Futures

Campaigners say one of the best strategies is to involve religious leaders or tribal elders in the campaign to end child marriage.

Yemen: Child Marriage Spurs Abuse of Girls and Women

A Muslim couple and their toddler at Masjid al-Haram, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.


Her father married her off to a 25-year

Source: Unicef

Source: Unicef

On his return later that evening, he and Monika's mother, Sita, sat their daughter down and told her that they had found her someone to marry.

Facebook criticised for post promoting child bride auction

What do laws around the world say on the marriage of girls?


Stephen Bannon, the former White House strategist, worries that Pence would “be a President that the Kochs would own.”

Global statistics suggest it is most common in rural areas and child brides are more likely to have low levels of education.

... out for their rights. Sex education must be introduced in school curriculums, which should include creating awareness on causes and harmful impact.

Marriage in ancient Rome

Johnson has become a public speaker on child marriage. Here, she watches a video