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7 Things I Would Do Differently in My First Year of Business

7 Things I Would Do Differently in My First Year of Business


The first year of business | Business mistakes | Things I would do differently in my first year of business | One year business anniversary | MintSwift| ...

... 7 things I would do differently in my first year of business. Exactly a year ago, I published my first blog post as MintSwift. Today I

Exactly a year ago, I published my first blog post as MintSwift. Today I

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When I celebrated my first year in business, a client congratulated me and then said, “The next ten years will be the most difficult.

To go from ordinary to extraordinary to become super successful in 2019 you' ll need to do things a little differently. Let's begin with the end in mind.


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There's a reason why many small businesses fail in their first year, and there are a lot of things that can contribute to a business's downfall.

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