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A Path to the Crypto Economy Future Stablecoins being the hottest

A Path to the Crypto Economy Future Stablecoins being the hottest


A Path to the Crypto Economy Future: Stablecoins being the hottest thing in the blockchain

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An In-Depth Look at the Cryptocurrency Economy's 'Stablecoin' Trend

An In-Depth Look at the Cryptocurrency Economy's 'Stablecoin' Trend

An In-Depth Look at the Cryptocurrency Economy's 'Stablecoin' Trend

A16z Puts $16 Million Behind Stablecoin Platform MakerDao

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Bitcoin Magazine Week in Review: Stablecoins Take the Spotlight

Stablecoin TrueUSD Is Now Trading on Bittrex

ShapeShift Alternatives: Is CoinSwitch The Best Option?

BitPay Integrates PAX Stablecoin Into Cryptocurrency Payment Platform

Bloq Labs Reveals Software Suite That Aims to Increase Hash Power by Double Digits

The Economics Behind Stablecoins

Blockstream Breaks into Japanese Market with JPY Stablecoin, Partnership

2019 Will Be a Big Year for Stablecoins

Important Aspects of Stablecoins: The Difference Between Pegging, Collateralization, and Redeemability

MakerDAO's Dai has received the lion's share of stablecoin coverage in recent months, with only Basis as a close runner-up. (Read our analysis of the Basis ...

James McKay research takes an in-depth look at stablecoins - why they exist, the differences between crypto and fiat-backed stablecoins, and what the future ...

Over in the United Kingdom, the London Block Exchange (LBX) officially released their own stablecoin, dubbed LBXPeg, on September 29.

Stablecoins Are Cryptocurrencies With Low Volatility That Could Replace Fiat Money

From Blanket Ban to Its Own Stablecoin: How Facebook's Relationship With Crypto Changed Over 2018

Crypto Exchange Huobi Now Lets Users Swap Between 4 Different Stablecoins

... firm Circle Internet Financial Ltd, along with the CENTRE open-source consortium, launched USD Coin (USDC), another stablecoin backed by US dollars.

Tether Floods Into Kraken Exchange, Where Crypto Traders Can Get Dollars

Two US-Audited Stablecoins Debut, Experts See Massive Impact on Crypto Market

Venezuela's Petro Cryptocurrency Is a Gift to Future Generations

Tiberius Group AG—a Swiss asset manager and commodities trader—has just begun the sale of their new stablecoin on October 1.

Three Years Later, Ethereum's Hottest DApps Are (Still) ICOs and Cats

Tradeshift Pilots Stablecoin to Speed Up Business Payments

A Newly Launched Stablecoin You've Never Heard of Is Coming to Ledger

Hodler's Digest, September 16-23: Elon Musk Wants Advice on Twitter Crypto Scammers, ...

Hong Kong Securities Regulator Promises to Regulate Crypto Investment Funds

A Stablecoin for HODLers? 'Pizza CEO' Raises $3 Million for New Crypto

World's Largest Crypto Exchange Binance Looks to Add New Stablecoins

kraken USDT

Decentralizing the Sharing Economy With Blockchain Technology

One of the hottest things in cryptocurrency right now: Stablecoins

It was likened to 'happy money' and had a big impact on consumer behaviour. The same goes for frequent flier programs that have become a thriving economy ...

Top Stories This Week

PwC Is Advising (Not Auditing) Another Stablecoin Project

He also held a CRO position at Ripple and is an investor in a number of businesses through his investment company Hard + Yaka, including COTI, Coinbase, ...

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Firefox Plans to Block Crypto Mining Malware in Future Releases

Coinbase And Circle Announce Stablecoin Consortium

Mock-up of trading screen showing crypto prices

USD-pegged Stablecoin

Facebook to Develop its Own Stablecoin for Remittances: Report

Stablecoin article images are always rocks precariously stacked. C'mon guys, this is what we're after!

TrueUSD Is Now a Base Pair on Binance

Russian State Duma Committee Considers Launch of Central Bank-Issued Stablecoin

Tether's Impact on Bitcoin Price Not 'Statistically Significant,' Study Finds

UK in strong position to be leader in crypto economy, report says

The first reported stablecoin project would involve the Japanese yen, and a second company Yao chairs, Hong Kong-based Grandshores Technology, aims to raise ...

The former is the most reliable way to use the ProfitTrailer bot, since it eliminates any connectivity issues. However, setting up a VPS server may be a bit ...

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift's CEO Says Move to Collect IDs Was 'Proactive'

Stablecoin Purchases Surged Amid Wednesday's Crypto Market Drop

Most Memorable Quotations

CEO Behind Crypto Ponzi Scheme Sentenced For Defrauding Investors

Switzerland Wants a Crypto-Nation, France and Germany Want Regulation

EOS has become a powerhouse in the crypto space. One of the most promising things about it is the airdrops. Unlike Ethereum, many EOS projects are choosing ...

Two Fiat-Backed Stablecoins Get Green Light From New York Regulator

Where the Future of Crypto Payments Is Being Built

As part of a drive to enhance security of customer data, PKO Bank Polski will use Coinfirm's Trudatum to provide blockchain-issued paperwork to its some ...

"As the government and regulators decide whether the current Wild West situation is allowed to continue, or whether they are going to introduce regulation, ...

One of the most exciting developments within the blockchain space is the coming of the 'decentralized financial system.' In this new system, users will be ...

Imagine this: It's the year 2020 and it turns out there's no “single stablecoin to rule them all.” Instead, all utility tokens are now designed to be ...

A New Precedent: FINRA Charges Crypto Founder With Securities Fraud

Total ...

A New Way To Hedge Against The Ticking Tether Bomb

Bitstamp: An Overview of the Industry's Oldest Active Exchange

Crypto Exchange Shapeshift Acquires KeepKey Hardware Wallets

There's a lot of unfounded speculation in cryptocurrency markets, no doubt. Many of my close friends think cryptocurrencies are entirely a bubble.

... which is four times what the company expects to raise by the end of this year. In addition, XP will launch a bank in the next few months.

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BlockFi Announces Global Expansion of Its Crypto-Backed Loan Services

Crypto's worldwide adoption will take a while, but crypto payments are here to stay.

Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack Hits Japan

Circle Publishes Another Third-Party Audit of USD Reserves for Stablecoin USDC

... an initial move by the People's Bank of China, the country's central bank, to tighten its oversight of the country's then-dominant bitcoin exchanges.

Best Decentralized Exchanges

Hodler's Digest, Oct. 29 – Nov. 4: Rapper T.I., Charlie Shrem Sued Over Alleged Pump-and-Dump, ...

Connecting Our Future Through The Blockchain Technology

Complete List - Bitcoin Friendly Countries for Cryptocurrency Businesses in 2018

S&P 500 daily chart, January 21, ...