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A Simple Diet to Lose Weight Fast According to Astronauts My Blog

A Simple Diet to Lose Weight Fast According to Astronauts My Blog


Diet tracker in space / Astronauts / Human and Robotic Exploration / Our Activities / ESA

Along with the rest of the criteria that make for a good astronaut–some heavy degrees in science or technology, a tolerance for cramped spaces and ...

Same t-shirt as two pictures above – picture taken four days ealier (practicing

The Expedition 20 crew members

Credits: ESA/NASA

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is currently on a one-year mission at the ISS to

I like an accurate watch. Credits: ESA/NASA

Everybody can juggle in space. Credits: ESA/NASA

Tim Kopra drawing blood for Marrow experiment. Credits: ESA/NASA

Photo: flickr/ NASA Goddard Photo and Video

10 Surprising Secrets From Apollo 11's Historic Moon Landing


NASA astronaut Michael Hopkins' Thanksgiving meal on November 28, 2013. Image from aboard the International Space Station.

The 13-Day Diet Menu

An Israeli hotel breakfast spread (photo credit: Courtesy Grand Hotels)

Reading road to the stars. Credits: ESA/NASA

Credits: ESA/NASA

"Outredgeous" red romaine lettuce grown on the ISS.

Tim Peake underwater spacewalk training at European Astronaut Centre. Credits: ESA

NASA's top astronauts flank the creators of One Strange Rock. Peggy Whitson is in the

Bruce McCandless spacewalk. Credits: NASA

Astronaut food

Have you heard of or are you considering the 500 calorie diet? Here's a breakdown

Drew Swantak/Thrillist. Losing weight ...

For one night only, MetMUnch's nutrition team of 'gastronauts' highlighted the wonders of eating bone friendly, calcium rich food, to over 700 people, ...

How I Lost Weight Eating Cheese and Bacon

Life outside the bubble: Peggy Whitson took her record-setting 8th spacewalk outside the


Woman drinking protein shake GETTY. How do weight loss ...

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The Clean 20: 20 Foods, 20 Days, Total Transformation: Ian K. Smith M.D.: 9781250182074: Amazon.com: Books

An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything: Chris Hadfield: ...

Soyuz spacecraft and 'lifeboat' docked to the Space Station. Credits: ESA/

Food tasting

meal replacement

Image of eagle on the moon


sleep study

The International Space Station orbits some 250 miles above Earth's surface, and is routinely exposed

The leaden hand of bureaucracy or a joke? (Image credit: US Government)

European Astronaut Centre. Credits: ESA

View of the Milky Way from Space Station. Credits: ESA/NASA

My experience on the Physicians Elemental Diet to treat SIBO - Londoner In Sydney

Aldrin and Armstrong raise the Stars and Stripes rather too close to the LM. (

An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything: Chris Hadfield: ...

Nikita Burger 2 copy

lose weight by walking. #walkingforweightloss #weightloss #weightlosstips #weightlossworkouts Weight Loss Eating

Dubai with ships. Credits: ESA/NASA

blender icon

I followed the egg diet and lost weight! Here's how it happened | The Times of India

Weight loss transformation before and after

Aldrin climbing down the ladder. He was careful not to close the hatch. (

NASA astronaut Michael Hopkins and European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano perform ultrasound eye imaging as

Twinkle twinkle little star: no Coke bottles lying around in this shot… but with

The first human steps on the Moon undoubtedly became the story of the century,

Left to right: Don Pettit, Oleg Kononenko, Andre Kuipers

How to Get Rid of Cellulite the Biohacker Way. Losing weight ...

Hubble repair

Already an eventful journey: after seeing a luminous UFO from the Columbia spacecraft, Armstrong

Neil Armstrong can smell the moon dust after the first moonwalk. (Image credit:

Chobani Yogurt -Our Blog -Guest Post: Healthy Kitchen Staples - Chobani Yogurt Healthy

Computer simulation of Martian polar plume

Three Brilliant Innovations in Synthetic Foods

The breakdown is simple: 80 percent of the time you focus on eating clean, good-for-you foods, and 20 percent of the time you have the freedom to indulge as ...

... spent a month in space, after blasting off on a Russian Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station on December 15 last year, but the spacewalk will ...

Why Astronauts Crave Tabasco Sauce

The Clean 20: 20 Foods, 20 Days, Total Transformation: Ian K. Smith M.D.: 9781250182074: Amazon.com: Books

Having received official 'space food' direct from NASA, the MetMUnch team set about recreating it in Manchester Metropolitan University's labs.

Would I recommend doing The Elemental Diet?

Some features of an Apollo Portable Life Support System (PLSS) including the lithium hydroxide

Oh She Glows Every Day: Author of popular vegan blog returns · Weight loss ...

NASA astronaut Butch Wilmore setting up the Rodent Reseach-1 Hardware in the Microgravity Science

Suit for a moonwalk (Image credit: NASA)

Cygnus CRS-5 leaving the Space Station 19 February 2016 with rubbish. Credits:

Yesterday, I was feeling frustrated and I used my T day to vent. Then, in the afternoon, my mother called to let me know that my cousin Tiffany died and ...

In 2008, astronauts aboard the International Space Station demonstrated the pouch method of drinking yesterday's

The health detriments of a Western diet—eating foods high in fat, sugar, and animal protein—are now well known. However, according to a group of studies out ...

Rick Stein weight loss: Padstow fish and chip chef ate this food to lose weight

Tom cheats death again, completing this phase of orbiter egress training.

Real Martians: How to Protect Astronauts from Space Radiation on Mars

Without gravity, however, the heart and blood vessels change – and the longer the flight, the more severe the changes.

Buzz Aldrin (Courtesy: NASA). 5. The Moon's Aroma

Making Outer Space Smell Like Fresh Cut Grass

Expedition 41 crew portrait on the International Space Station. From left: ESA astronaut Alexander


Thecrew is busy with their departure preparations. They are flying backand forth with bags of gear. Gardener tried on a special suit made outof tight ...

... calcium deficiencies and bone loss aren't just an issue in outer space, with osteoporosis now affecting over three million people in the UK according to ...

Why You Shouldn't Fear Fasting with Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore - #367

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, Expedition 36 flight engineer, conducts an ocular health exam on

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Granny's Toy Comparison – Spoolz vs. Suction Kupz

8. Speaking of Those 'First' Words… Armstrong gets all the ...