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A new study shows that almost all the other G20 nations arent

A new study shows that almost all the other G20 nations arent


Climate Change Hoax: Not A Single G-20 Country Is Close To Hitting CO2 Emission Targets | Investor's Business Daily

US President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland


Trump disagreed on trade and climate change

There was no discussion of business cycles, even though member states are aware of the

The 2018 APEC summit, traditionally an amicable gathering, was instead the scene of a 'striking' confrontation between the U.S. and China.

Jamal Khashoggi speaks at an event in London in September two weeks before he was murdered

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany July 2017

IMF and World Bank: Marching to a G20 Tune?

'Web of corrupt activity' costs poorest countries a trillion dollars a year | Global development | The Guardian

Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping shake hands at a press conference following their meeting

The opening photo call, with China's Xi Jinping in the front row and U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence absent, served as a sign of things to come at the 2018 ...

At least their ties almost match. Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Angela Merkel uses cheat sheet about new Australian PM at G20

1 big thing: A win at the G20

'Web of corrupt activity' costs poorest countries a trillion dollars a year | Global development | The Guardian

Unsafe Polish meat exported to 12 EU countries

May puts on brave face at G20 as Brexit deal flounders back home

The G20 Summit

Industrialization in Africa and Least Developed Countries Boosting growth, creating jobs, promoting inclusiveness and sustainability A REPORT TO THE G20 ...

President Mauricio Macri

Hosting Organization

2018MethodologyG20 Analysis

AHF Urges G20 Countries to Do More on Global Public Health

The Official ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group Publication

Theresa May

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are expected to meet at the G20 summit in Argentina. Photo: Kyodo

2018FindingsImporting RiskG20 Countries

Nurses and midwives lobby for public funding of health care

G20 countries risk falling short of achieving Sustainable Development Goals

G20 Monitor: New considerations for China's 2016 G20 Presidency

The official ICC UK G20 summit publication by The CAT Company Inc - issuu

Graphic: "On track for the global goals: Which country performs best to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?"

France Wants G20 Nations to Discuss Bitcoin Regulation

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G20: US and China tensions dictate against multilateralism | Financial Times

entrance to UN Paris climate talks

In all, the Index identifies almost 6000 diplomatic posts in around 660 cities. Posts are classified by type: embassy or high commission, consulate-general, ...

No G20 countries are meeting climate targets, says report

The Official B20 Argentina Global Briefing Report INSIDE B20 › B20 Leadership Messages › B20 Executive Summaries › B20 Photo Galleries › Words from the G20 ...

This chart shows total number of new policy interventions by G20 governments that treat domestic commercial interests better than foreign rivals.

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US President Donald Trump has offered to host a dinner for his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, next month after the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. Photo: AP

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Not happy about online security being equated with restricting access to law enforcement

Ruven Afanador

Trump shown wearing only US flag pin while all other G20 leaders dutifully wore the G20 pin that they were told to wear for the group photos.

WTO report shows sharp rise in trade-restrictive measures from G20 economies

Here's a Map of the Countries That Provide Universal Health Care (America's Still Not on It)

This post is part of a debate on Australia's foreign policy White paper 2017. Click here for other debate posts.

The more recent reforms in India have enabled it to surpass China in economic growth

How the GOP Became the Party of Putin

Donald Trump previously told some of his party's top donors that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican

Why the Montreal Protocol is the most successful climate agreement ever

G20 summit: China warns against repeat of Apec failure

Most Canadian cities are not prepared to cope with climate change, study finds - The Globe and Mail

U.S. President Donald J. Trump meets with the other G7 leaders, including EU participants, during a May 2017 summit in Taormina, Sicily.

G20 visit by Donald Trump in Hamburg, Germany to be met with anarchist protest "Welcome to Hell" - CBS News

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari with government officials after Friday prayers at the presidential palace in Abuja

He can't take full credit for defusing tensions with North Korea – but under

AS IT HAPPENED: Rioting steals attention from politics on first day of G20 summit

Funny money: How counterfeiting led to a major overhaul of Canada's money - The Globe and Mail


The EU participates in all G8 and G20 summits. (G20 summit in Hangzhou, 2016)

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange today

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman steps off the plane at the G20 in Buenos Aires

G20 Summit: Climate Change Diplomacy in the Age of Trump Gets Complicated | InsideClimate News

AHF Urges World Leaders not to Waver in the War on AIDS Ahead of the Argentina G20 Summit

The new cold war: are we going back to the bad old days? | World news | The Guardian

We are not smart enough to leave things to the market.

Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker with U.S. President Donald Trump, 2017

Women's and men's views converge

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Trump's tariffs are a violatin of WTO rules, says trade expert

UK,Theresa May,Enoch Powell

Battle for Hamburg: G20 Summit Ends With Violent Clashes (VIDEO)

How December could define Trump

The Trump administration doesn't believe in the global refugee crisis - Vox

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, shown with Germany's Angela Merkel in Berlin, says failing to act on climate change would be “morally criminal.

This chart shows in red the total number of policy interventions by G20 governments that treated domestic commercial interests better than foreign rivals.

Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart — Or His Handler?

Photograph by Martin Schoeller for TIME

6.2 What Is the Role of the IMF and the World Bank?

China's President Xi Jinping (L) and US President Donald Trump attend a working session

Donald Trump crossing his arms and pursing his lips.

The One Accuser Who May Finally Bring Bill Cosby Down for Good | Vanity Fair

US president Donald Trump

Parties and elections

Source: Brazilian Agency for Cooperation, Japan International Cooperation Agency, International Rice Research Institute, World Bank

A. Countries that are barely crossing any planetary boundaries, but are falling very far short on meeting people's needs, including G20 members India and ...

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The world's confidence in the US president has collapsed since Donald Trump took office, according