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Ann Corcoran RefugeeWatcher Twitter THE DEBATE

Ann Corcoran RefugeeWatcher Twitter THE DEBATE


Ann Corcoran 🇺🇸 · @RefugeeWatcher

... refugee contracting agency and he is busy debating Brexit with British leaders.

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... …pic.twitter.com/kWFE7ct6Ch

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RRW twitter page screen. Follow me @RefugeeWatcher

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Ann Corcoran 🇺🇸 @RefugeeWatcher

Ann Corcoran 🇺🇸 (@RefugeeWatcher) | Twitter

... the CEO of the federally funded resettlement agency that supplies his refugee labor (at the Clinton Global Initiative!)pic.twitter.com/8Ic1dWQ5Vc

So sad. http://gatesofvienna.net/2017/12/cultural-enrichment-comes-to-the-isle-of-lewis/ …pic.twitter.com/fQGkpXJi1x

Ann Corcoran 🇺🇸 @RefugeeWatcher

marisol f. gaffney

A few months ago A year ago Two Three years ago , Six years Seven Eight years ago it came to our attention in Washington County MD that a non-profit group ...

Michael J Surwin

Betsy Hodges' Twitter mentions are a great place to find Nazis.

diane stevens


... the CEO of the federally funded resettlement agency that supplies his refugee labor (at the Clinton Global Initiative!)pic.twitter.com/8Ic1dWQ5Vc

... Schumer:Jewish Blumenthal: Jewish Kavanaugh protestors paid 4 by- Soros: Jewish Guy who made this dumb tweet- Klion: Jewishpic.twitter .com/GxqIcwQPEl

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RRW front page

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Lisa Schiffren

Ann Corcoran's Report Of Armenian Vs. Latino Riot In CA School Just One Of MANY Ethnic Riots In American Schools | Blog Posts | VDARE.com

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Ann Corcoran 🇺🇸 @RefugeeWatcher

huesto suarez

🇺🇸MAGA 🇺🇸Nationalist 🇺🇸

Ann Corcoran 🇺🇸 @RefugeeWatcher


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Linda Sarsour

Grandi with Soros

RD Carrington

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Looks like Guatemala has taken action to ensure it loses any funding from the U.S. Stopping the horde is now up to Mexico; this should be interesting…

Fox News, Rupert Murdoch agreed to manipulate viewers on amnesty issue

Ursula Kerns

How Ann Corcoran went from becoming a liberal environmentalist to founding Refugee Resentment Watch

Terry McConnaughey

... …pic.twitter.com/mCXCCyuFLa

Elizabeth Warwick

Master of Ceremonies Jo Hough & MD-based blogger Ann Corcoran


Illegal Aliens, Respect, Leaves, America, God, Thoughts, Pay Attention,


During ...

Judge Boressen was not the first member of the Idaho legal system to attempt to hide this case from the media because it doesn't fit the Left's narrative ...

Holger Danske

O que não te disseram sobre a nova atualização do Tweetdeck, saiba agora. Em partes controle de segurança, outra censura. Twitter mata RTs em contas ...


Trump's base rejects his Wall for Amnesty Deals https://www.alipac.us/f8/trumps-base-rejects-wall-amnesty-deal-368455/ …pic. twitter.com/6krz9Vhw9k

Jim Newberger, Jeff Johnson and Jim Hagedorn (Courtesy photos)

Ryan and Obama

Ann Corcoran (@RefugeeWatcher) | Twitter

NBC NewsVerified account @NBCNews

Edited John R. Houk

Ilya Somin on "Why a nation is not like a house", by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review

Gustavo Garcia

Dick Costolo um dos Co-Fundadores do Twitter, e CEO de maior sucesso entre os anos de 2010 -2015

... https://fraudscrookscriminals.com/2019/01/06/california-thousands-of-mourners-see-police-officer-ronil-singh-laid-to-rest/ …pic.twitter.com/xOOtAKFsaH

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Refugee Resettlement Watch: Weekly Roundup

Jeanette Finicum

Dave Hayes

Ann Corcoran 🇺🇸 @RefugeeWatcher

Can you say witness protection??? Where's a safe place to hide a WEINER



Two teenagers accused of burning a Trump sign are facing hate crime charges

Click here to view original web page at www.renegadetribune.com

Kochs and Trump

Visit Leo Hohmann's new website!

Rachel Thew @RachelThew Sep 2

AG Chin Misinforms Federal Judge

"Para ser claro: o Twitter proíbe qualquer tentativa de usar a automação para publicar ou divulgar spam, e esse comportamento pode resultar em ações de ...

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Senator Lindsey Graham: Cut off UN funding!

Downtown Hagerstown's southbound Potomac Street in November, 2007.


We are a nation of LEGAL immigrants. Jack Kirby, Political Quotes, Political Views

Lest you think this is a problem of the 'uncivilized' world, when it comes to marine disasters, young, wealthy white males survive in a far excess ...

Populists Rally in Pennsylvania


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A Belgian soldier stands guard outside Brussels Central Station as people are allowed in small groups

Amanda Carpenter

The big eyed-kids and patient moms come last and get the left-overs.


Katie HopkinsVerified account @KTHopkins

Sorry no time to write much today, but I want you to have something to read, so have a look at a report at the Center for Immigration Studies about aliens ...