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Arsay is a Goddess of the Underworld worshipped by the Canaanites

Arsay is a Goddess of the Underworld worshipped by the Canaanites


Arsay is a Goddess of the Underworld worshipped by the Canaanites. According to texts, she is the third daughter of Baal at Ugarit.

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Underworld goddesses

Ereshkigal: Goddess of Attalu, the land of the dead and ancestral memories. Her

is an underworld goddess worshipped by western Semitic peoples, including the Carthaginians. She is modelled on the Mesopotamian goddess Ereshkigal and may ...

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Ancient Canaanite religion



Yule Snow Goddess Celtic Christmas, Winter Solstice, Samhain, Faeries, Pagan Festivals,

Aine, Irish goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty. In Christian times she became

The Roman Goddess Pax

Baal thunderbolt Louvre AO15775.jpg

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Underworld goddesses

22 Cool Illustrations of Athena-The Goddess of Wisdom Greek Gods And Goddesses, Greek

TYCHE (Tykhe) - The goddess of good fortune. She was sometimes represented as

Aphrodite ~ Inner Goddess, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.

Skadi Goddess of North

Shaushka is a goddess of fertility, war and healing. She is depicted in human

Persephone, Greek goddess of corn and the underworld, consort of Hades. Daughter of

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Underworld goddesses

Despoine was a Greek Fertility Goddess who was worshipped alongside her mother Demeter in an Arkadian

The figure could be an aspect of the goddess Ishtar, Mesopotamian goddess of sexual love

"The Welsh goddess Arianrhod: goddess of the full moon, star goddess, sky…

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Seated goddess, probably Persephone on her throne in the underworld, Severe style ca 480

Nana Buluku - West African Creator Goddess who was worshipped by various tribes. Tantra,

Qadshu, "the Holy One" is an epithet of various Canaanite and Syrian Goddesses

Mielikki is the Finnish goddess of forests and a Huntress of the Moon Legacies. She

Lethe, The Goddess and Personification of Forgetfulness was a daughter of Eris (Discord)

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The Aztec Sun God - Tonatiuh

Gods & Goddesses of the Greek, Roman, Celtic,

Imbolc - Celtic Mythology. I didn't meet her while looking for the Sword

Rhiannon was unfortunate figure in Welsh myth. Rhiannon had many suitors, among them were

Isis: Egyptian Goddess of motherhood and fertility. Creatrix and Divine Queen. Egyptian Isis

Hel, Norse Goddess of the Underworld. Collaboration by kolakis on DeviantArt

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Woyengi - She is the Nigerian Creator Goddess who came down to the Earth on a

"great lady under earth," the Goddess of Irkalla, the Underworld Land of the Dead), and worshipped by western ...

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Goddess Skaði

Gapn (vine)

This is kind of what I imagined for Devastation- Chuma is the Slavic Goddess of Death. She is the daughter of Veles, God of Cattle and the Underworld.

Semitic religion[edit]

Underworld goddesses

Igor Trawinski



HORUS "It occurred to me that judging from the elaborateness of this worship, the concealed deity must be one of considerable importance.

Aphrodite by Luis Royo The Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. She

apatenia61: Illustration by Frater Sandan, Kali Kali Ma, Durga Goddess, Mother Goddess

Cernunnos, the Celtic horned god (honestly this picture reminds me more of pan for obvious reasons :p)

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Sculpture, Statue of 'Athena', the Ancient, Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom~

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Pluto and Proserpina , Bernini Persephone is the goddess of the underworld in Greek mythology.

Hades, God of the dead and the underworld. Hades Disney, Disney Hercules,

Abundantia, cornucopia of golden coins

SAGA - she is the ASYNJUR goddess of songs, sacred verse, runes, and

crystal queer

Hel, Robin Weare, 1996 Hel Goddess, Goddess Of The Underworld, Gaia,

Lakshmi, Goddess of abundance.

Hesychia is the Greek Spirit (Daimona) of Quiet, Rest, Silence and Stillness

"Mictlantecuhtli: God of the Underworld" @ El Portal Theatre (North Hollywood,

The white goddess of the sea (Orishas) Deus Dos Mares, Star

Abnoba is the name of a Gaulish Goddess who was worshipped in the Black Forest and

The goddess is in all her children. She appears as her mood takes her in

In Aztec mythology, Tlazolteotl (or Tlaçolteotl, /tɬasoɬˈteotɬ/) is a goddess

Hathor - Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of love, beauty, music, dance, motherhood and joy.

Anima: Fate goddess


He is said to be a calm and gentle god

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Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Eternal Energy. "She who destroys". The

la barca de Dante (Dante and Virgil in the Underworld) - Eugene Delacroix

Anubis is actually the Greek version of His ancient Egyptian name, 'Anpu'. He was originally a God of The Underworld, ...

El (deity)

Nyx by IrenHorrors Nyx is the Greek goddess (or personification) of the night 🌙

*HORUS:was one of the ancient Egyptian gods who went by many names. These included Harkpokrates + Haroeris, among others. Horus was the son of the goddess ...

Chhinnamasta, "She whose head is severed", is one of the Mahavidyas,

C'abawil Ix, the Moon goddess of the Chontal Maya. Also the queen

Meng Po- Chinese mythology goddess of wine and underworld Chinese Mythology, Legends And Myths

Khaldi (the god of war)

Deborah was a prophet and heroine in the Old Testament who inspired the Israelites to a victory over the Canaanites (the people who lived in the Promised ...

Michael David Adams

prosepina Rembrandt Art, Museum, Amsterdam, Vincent Van Gogh, Baroque, Forest Painting

Personification of Santa Muerte (Saint Death, Holy Death) or Mictecacihuatl, Aztec goddess

Minona - a powerful spirit of magic, is widely known as the West African patron

This attire of the Egyptian goddess Isis features the characteristic "Isis knot" between the

Sif is the goddess of fertility and the bounty of the earth, a beautiful,

Brittney Lee -- Kanaloa is the Hawaiian god of the sea, and is a complimentary power to Kane. He is also the god of death and the Underworld, and teacher of ...

Green Tara - originally a Hindu goddess and later adopted by some forms of Buddhism.