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AskDenise there are many benefits of working with expired listings

AskDenise there are many benefits of working with expired listings


#AskDenise there are many benefits of working with expired listings. Here's how you get

Q: “Denise, I am starting to see expired listings in my area that are not relisting right away. Of course, the reason these sellers have expired is due to ...

Did you know that expired listings offer a marketing opportunity? There's significant upside in working with expired listings, if you know how to approach ...

#AskDenise there are many benefits of working with expired.

Ask Denise: Branded Email Addresses

Q: “Denise, I just did a review of my business for 2018 and I feel like I have plateaued. I need to do something else because I have big expectations for ...

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Keep the Contract Simple: Contracts and You

Playing the Numbers Game of Real Estate

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Buyers and sellers typically work with a licensed real estate salesperson or broker. It is important to ascertain if that person is working "for" you (you ...

"Hmm, money-making ideas. I've been wracking my brains for the past 24 hours and I really couldn't come up with anything different from what my buddy Al ...

Use Standard Clauses: Contracts and You

Ethics and Offers

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#AskDenise when are the best times of the year to send out.

An integral part of the listing presentation is a seller counseling session, which focuses not only on your marketing capabilities, but also on the ...

When you list a seller's home, there are many activities that must be successfully undertaken: completing the listing paperwork, getting the marketing ...

Working with Almost Now Clients

How to Attract More Saleable Listings

Under an exclusive agency arrangement, the broker has a fiduciary arrangement with?

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Billions of dollars are invested in technology infrastructure, staff, and marketing, for “The New Internet.” This continuing transition to a more capable ...

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The Presentation of Offers and the Acceptance of Offers are two separate phases of the offer process. Yet so many professionals confuse and commingle the ...

Are You Distributing (Syndicating) Your Listing Data?

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Key Terms: Contracts and You

There was a time that having a simple real estate website or web presence was good enough. That time ended around 2002-03 and in the uber-rapid evolution of ...

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How did Listings Find the Internet?

Representation in a Real Estate Transaction

Seven Sales Tips

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Distribution Trumps Destination

Today our Branding Spotlight highlights the Semi-Custom PRO design of Dina Harvey Jardine, from Seattle, Washington. Dina's love of the nighttime city ...

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Feedback for Listing Agents: Is it Worth Your Time?

MLSs work to bring their subscribers and participants, the tools their users want, need, and/or may need in the future. Every day, somewhere in the US an ...

Seven Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make with the Law of Attraction

Six Steps to Working with a Buyer's Broker

Take a serious look at your inbox for your business. Do not delete any messages for a week and then go back and see what is in there. Count how many of ...

While both a lead and a referral can be classified as a customer contact, there is a tangible difference between a referral and a lead.

Denise Lones shared

John Reilly and I know many very talented and knowledgeable people, many of whom we have worked with for years in the realm of education, training, ...

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On Trust: The Three Key Elements for Change

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Dear Coach: I am a Buyer's Agent for a successful listing and selling agent. Our Sphere of Influence is the same, so it is hard to differentiate what I ...

Hootsuite – Microblogging on Steroids

It's been many years since I actively sold real estate. But when I did, there was something I did which was the most critical activity I undertook each year ...

They say that timing is everything. I tend to believe that, for the most part. It certainly is true about a successful relocation.

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Expired Listing Postcard Tempaltes, real estate postcards, expired listing marketing tips

Above and Beyond CMLS2018 - Bridge Interactive Real Town | The Real Estate Network

The Good and Bad News on Election Day for Property Owners in CA

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Keeping A Life While Making a Living

... partner with organizations that will give you best-in-class service. Find the best neighborhood demographic site, the best MLS listing partner, ...

Buying Land on Impulse Puts Buyers at Risk

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Of all the questions I get asked by agents, this one is always in my Top 3 list. Agents are good at giving me all kinds of reasons, excuses, and theories as ...

Working Today to Retire Tomorrow Develop an Exit Strategy

Above and Beyond CMLS2018 - Rosemary Scardina, New Orleans MLS Real Town | The Real Estate Network

Follow-Up: It's the Foundation of a Successful Business

There are various ways to estimate overhead and expenses.

It is not even the end of the first week of January and already I have had NUMEROUS agents contact me to ask if they should sign up for the “latest and ...

As a real estate agent you may ask the question, "What Does Redfin Have That I Don't?" The answer: Capital! AKA lots and lots of money!

Q: “Denise, it has happened once again! My kids have been out of school for a week and they are already driving me up the wall. I thought as they got older ...

What is the Multiple Listing Service? Real Town | The Real Estate Network

More on Syndication

Contact with people creates an opportunity or, said another way; contacts create contracts. Never forget this fundamental truth in sales.

The Future of the Multiple Listing Service

For decades, many associations never saw the point in taking time to do any level of planning beyond the committee work. Sure, some larger associations ...

Nine Steps to Buying Your Home

Here are excerpts from the NAR member profile. It's enlightening to see what the business of an average pro in the real estate business looks like.

Creating a Business Plan for the Real Estate Sales Business

Q: “Denise, I am a new agent. In fact, I just got my license last week! What do you suggest I do to get up and running quickly?

I have been a member of the National Association of REALTORS® as long as I can remember and as long as I have been licensed. I wouldn't have it any other ...

MLS 5.0: Back to the Future!

The one incredible benefit of being a real estate agent is that you get to set your own schedule. Imagine the freedom to work when you want and to be able ...

Boost confidence at work with inspirational quotes for business therefore raising production, contentment and efficiency! Find more inspiration @ glamshelf. ...

National Association of REALTORS® Announces Strategic Restructuring

Virtual Office Websites

Ask Denise

Council of Multiple Listing Services 2018: Introduction Real Town | The Real Estate Network

New Real Estate Domain Rush Opportunity - .realestate

Your old house is hard to maintain, and it's getting a bit tough to climb stairs. You want a place that's safe and manageable with limited mobility.

When the best residential locations often have noise issues, soundproofing existing windows can be a competitive sales advantage.

The Future of Search and SEO

"The number one premise of the business is that it need not be boring or dull. It ought to be fun. If it's not fun, you're wasting your life.

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