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Australias controversial antiencryption bill passes into law

Australias controversial antiencryption bill passes into law


Companies are required to give access to encrypted communications

The Australian government has passed an unprecedented and controversial anti -encryption bill, which has been opposed by Apple, Google, Facebook, ...

Australia recently passed a controversial anti-encryption bill that will aid in allowing government officials to hack, implant malware, and undermine ...

Australian government passes controversial world-first anti-encryption law amid broad criticism

Australia's Controversial Anti-Encryption Law Passes

Early this summer the Australian government has passed the controversial Access and Assistance Bill 2018 into a law. With this, it will give the authorities ...

Australia passes 'dangerous' anti-encryption law after bipartisan compromise

Australia's Controversial And Draconian Encryption Law Could Mean Jail Time For Tech Employees

Apple slams Australia's anti-encryption bill, calling it "dangerously ambiguous"

Blue screen with folders and lock symbols

Controversial anti-encryption laws rushed through by Australian Government

As we reported in October, Apple opposed the legislation in a seven-page letter to the Australian parliament, calling the encryption bill "dangerously ...

Earlier ...

Australia passes controversial anti-encryption laws

Construction Workers Posting a "No Encryption ...

Australian anti-encryption bill

A newly-passed Australian law could allow the government to force tech companies to create backdoors in their products. A controversial Australian bill ...

New Australian Anti-Encryption Law Creates Controversy as Crypto Benefits Rise into Discussion

Australia's Encryption-Busting Law Could Impact Global Privacy

Digital giants led by Google, Facebook and Amazon say the proposed Australian law would undermine rather than enhance the nation's security

Google, Facebook, Australia, Australia data encryption, Australia data breach

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images. The Australian government has passed a law that forces tech companies to ...

A majority of key stakeholders in Australia's cybersecurity industry have expressed concerns over the possible fallout of a controversial encryption law ...

Image. Opponents of the legislation said it was being rushed through Australia's ...

Encryption is key to trust on the internet.

Apple joins tech giants in speaking out against Australia's anti-encryption law

Australia's controversial anti-encryption legislation

There is a pretty sure-fire way to identify proposed Government legislation which is badly drafted, unnecessarily draconian and a kneejerk reaction to a ...

Australia's war on encryption: the sweeping new powers rushed into law | Technology | The Guardian

Australia cyber war. Image: Australia is set to pass sweeping new cyber security legislation

On Thursday, the Australian government passed a controversial new law that would allow law enforcement and government agencies to demand access to encrypted ...

Apple among tech companies voicing opposition to new anti-encryption law in Australia

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. A newly enacted law rushed through Australia's ...

Apple's Messages in iOS.

The Communications Alliance says the Coalition's bill could require Facebook and Google's Gmail to retain users' metadata, including browsing histories.

... end-to-end encypted would violate the law. So you know that if a company's product is used in Australia, it is not end-to-end encrypted.pic.twitter.com/ ...

FILES - This March 22, 2018, photo shows apps for WhatsApp, Facebook,

Australia has become the first western country to pass a bill forcing tech companies to hand over your encrypted data

WhatsApp is an encrypted app, which until now has prevented law enforcement agencies from reading

Under the new legislation, Australian authorities can force tech firms to decrypt communications

Australia's new anti-encryption laws are bad news for Apple

Australia's war on encryption: the sweeping new powers rushed into law | Technology | The Guardian

The research division of Fitch has warned Australia's controversial new anti -encryption laws could harm the tech sector and weaken defences. SHUTTERSTOCK. "

A Small Background on Australia's Anti-Privacy Laws

scomo-scott-morrison.jpg. Australian ...

Encryption (picture-alliance/dpa/W. Kastl). Australia's Parliament on Thursday passed a controversial bill ...

Australia's Controversial Anti-Encryption Law Passes

Apple hits out at Australian anti-encryption law as community anger deepens

What on Earth is the fediverse and why does it matter?

Apple Assails Australian Anti-Encryption Bill As 'Dangerously Ambiguous'

Authorities will get to access encrypted messages before Christmas after Labor offered a deal with the coalition to pass the controversial laws.

Australia's encryption bill faces 17 changes to pass parliament

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On Twitter Thursday, Australian Greens' party Senator Jordon Steele-John called the bill "dangerous" and an "affront to privacy and democracy."

Australian Parliament House in Canberra

Cyber space

Data encryption

Australia's war on encryption: the sweeping new powers rushed into law | Technology | The Guardian

Labor will not back full encryption Bill as it offers interim deal again | ZDNet

A mobile phone with messaging apps being held in front of Parliament House Photo: Australia's Parliament is behind revolutionary new police access laws ...

Australia gets world-first encryption busting laws

'Privacy nightmare': Concerns over new anti-encryption bill

NZ officials consider impact of Australia's controversial encryption law | Stuff.co.nz

Australia passes controversial anti-encryption laws

data spy security hack


Australia has passed a bill designed to give intelligence agencies more power to access your encrypted

Tech alliance unites to condemn new anti-encryption bill

Marriott hack exposes 500,000 guests

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison is seeking to introduce laws that would force technology firms to

Andrew Little responds to Australia passing anti-encryption law | Newshub

Scott Morrison walks through a doorway. He has one hand in his suit pocket while Photo: The bill was passed ...

Bill Shorten slammed over encryption busting bill

Several tech groups have serious privacy concerns about the laws, saying they will leave us

NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says it is not yet clear how the Australian law change

Emergency warning system hacked

SEC pushes long-awaited decision on Bitcoin ETF to February .

Opposition pledges to amend the law

Australia's war on encryption: the sweeping new powers rushed into law | Technology | The Guardian

Last week, the Australian government passed the country's controversial Access and Assistance Bill 2018 into law, legislation that allows government ...

MIT system lets planes and subs communicate wirelessly


Laws allowing police and spies to access encrypted messages will pass federal parliament this week.

Anti-encryption bill is 'overreach'

Scary reason this hoax is so convincing

Tiny device speeds up the internet 100 times over by reading "twisted" light

Apple rebukes Australia's “dangerously ambiguous” anti-encryption bill

Senate president Scott Ryan has issued a serious warning about the encryption bill.

Space laser communication system adapted for underwater use

Even Labor leader Bill Shorten, who helped vote the controversial laws in, has admitted

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