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Autonomous Ships Market Aerospace Drone t

Autonomous Ships Market Aerospace Drone t


Top 5 DARPA Robot and AI Projects of the Past Year

Massive robot-powered drones may solve everything wrong with package delivery

Unmanned sea robot technology to the rescue!

Drone warfare: the autonomous debate


Autonomous drones may be guarding you soon

Wilhelmsen and KONGSBERG establish world's first autonomous shipping company - Kongsberg Gruppen

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Mayflower Autonomous Ship Prepares to Sail the World, Guided by Silicon Sensing Systems


Airobotics drone, courtesy

Survey: Autonomous Ships Face Fewer Challenges than Driverless Cars

All at sea How drone ships will disrupt our oceans I.jpg

Chinese Internet

New Drone Policy: Know your drone do's and don'ts before you hit the skies

Meet the New Robot Army

FedEx Autonomous Cargo Drone Concept by Raphael Doukhan

Rocket launch on autonomous spaceport drone ship in sea. Top view. spaceship takes off

DJI's Mavic Pro Platinum drone Image: DJI

Some companies are exploring using autonomous cargo drones the size of small airplanes to deliver packages. (Photo: PixtaStock)

Taxi drone

Passenger Drone

An Indian Navy 'Heron', an Israeli-made unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV,) flies over the Porbandar airfield, some 400 kms from Ahmedabad, on January 17, 2011.

6 flying cars that you might actually be able to own (and fly) in your lifetime | Digital Trends

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Autonomous Freight Shipping. drone shipping

anti-submarine drone ship us navy orig _00011803

A Sharktech-equipped 38 Defiant autonomous vessel testing near Metal Shark's Jeanerette, Louisiana,

Drone Market

The EHang 184 represents an electric, personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. Credit: PRNewsFoto/

Arnaldur Halldorsson/Bloomberg

The future is here: Drones are delivering Domino's pizzas to customers

Global Multi-Rotor Drone Market Analysis Report

A Zipline drone delivers blood to a remote hospital in Rwanda.

Airbus Skyways UAV demo flight 6

Autonomous shipping concepts

The two-passenger Volocopter, being tested in Dubai (Jun 2017).


Image of a drone

We believe remote and autonomous ships will be safer, more efficient and cheaper to build and operate. Our solutions will reduce human-machine interaction ...

Unmanned Passenger Drone

Other vendors like UKR Spec Systems are competing heavily in the commercial market for Small UAV's like this Airframe; The PD-1 which is similar in range ...

Here's What's Needed for Self-Flying Taxis and Delivery Drones to Really ...

An Airobotics drone designed for the energy industry.

A surveillance drone picks up some movement along the line of control triggering an alarm at the command centre. The commander in charge, en route a meeting ...

The Fuse | Autonomy and Electrification to Shake Up the Shipping Industry - The Fuse

By Vance Hilderman, CEO of Afuzion Inc. New rules for DO-178C and

An unmanned aircraft with body and wings made using a 3-D printer was assembled on a Royal Navy ship Tuesday and performed a successful flight test.

Airbus is working towards a world of self-piloted air travel

Kitty Hawk's Cora, an electrically triply-redundant (plus parachute) droneplane. Source: Kitty Hawk

The Swiss AirMap/Skyguide unmanned aircraft systems traffic management system is a prototype for what could be in place in the U.S. by 2021.

Future Of Logistics: Five Technologies That Will Self-Orchestrate The Supply Chain

aerospace and defense

Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera - Compact Smart Drone with Ultra High Definition 4K Video - Safe

A self-flying drone is an appealing concept. And after spending a couple of weeks with the R1 Frontier Edition, the first run of the product manually ...

ICS: Seafarers' Jobs Not Threatened by Autonomous Ships


Rolls-Royce and Intel announce autonomous ship collaboration

Global Nano Drones Market Analysis and Forecast


A Pipistrel Taurus Electro electric two-seat airplane flies above Ajdovscina, Slovenia, on

Autonomous Cars Face Higher Adoption Barriers Than Drones, Ships

Technology Quarterly. Taking flight. Civilian drones

Drone industry experts are currently tracking over 75 firms that offer drone market reports or forecasts ...

Still from video of Volocopter flying across city

... fully robotic cargo ships will be faster, safer, and ultimately cheaper to operate than their crewed counterparts – and that promise hasn't escaped the ...

What Can Self-Driving Cars Learn From Aviation?

Made from scratch, a Kestrel takes flight.

Airbus's Vahana has completed its first test flight.

China just seized one of these American underwater drones. Teledyne Marine Vehicles

Uber has a competitor in Chinese drone maker Ehang

X-47B Hoisted Onto The USS Truman

Like a futuristic postal service... that delivers blood

Amazon drone for deliveries testing

10 Next-Level Drones (and Probably a Future Purchase). Markets>Robotics

Boeing Invests in Drone Startup in Push for Automated Technology - Bloomberg

Marine Corps Commandant: In 15 Years, Our Aircraft Won't Need a Human in the Cockpit

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