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Blazing Cat Fur islam is evil Law enforcement agencies

Blazing Cat Fur islam is evil Law enforcement agencies


19 killed, dozens injured in twin blast targeting Catholic cathedral in the Philippines

A Muslim man who left his wife to die for five days when she was dumped in their garage after suffering horrific injuries is trying to appeal against his ...

Surge in terror cases as Muslims flood back to Britain: Prosecutors mass hire more lawyers as jihadis return to the UK

A chip shop owner terror suspect and his friend appeared in court today accused of planning to build a bomb for an alleged Christmas plot.

British Muslim YouTube star reads out the abuse she has received since she stopped wearing a hijab

Toronto school board recalls, revises controversial Islamic guidebook

Britain's terrorism watchdog, Max Hill QC (Queen's Counsel), recently told a parliamentary committee that it is “fundamentally wrong to attach the word ' ...

Unrest in France: No End in Sight

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Muslims enjoy spectacle of Christians being whipped for playing a children's game that violates Islamic law

Three members of the same family have been jailed for terror offences after police foiled a jewellery raid they believe was intended to fund Islamic State ...

MANILA, Philippines– For decades, followers of the Ahmadiyya faith, a minority sect of Islam, have fallen victim to laws that target them as non-believers ...

Blazing Cat Fur

Former French PM Insists 'Jihadists Act in The Name of Islam'

Many Americans are not aware that adherents to Islam's Sharia are not like the faithful of other religions, for Sharia requires its followers to engage in ...

Hery Ramawati, 32, from Indonesia is walking with a friend in Victoria Park, Hong Kong, looking for some shade where they can sit and share a meal.

Malaysia: 12 arrested for 'Islamic State terror plot'

Geert Wilders is a known vocal critic of Islam He has been quoted in an interview as saying “I don't hate Muslims, I hate Islam.” In the same interview, ...

... Saipov has told RFE/RL from their native Uzbekistan that her family believes the 29-year-old was “brainwashed” and has pleaded with U.S. authorities to ...

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Kandel Germany: Citizen protesters take to the streets ahead of verdict in trial of teen murdered by Merkel migrant

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Ilhan Omar Admits She Has to 'Unlearn' Her Anti-Semitic Ways

Rex Murphy: Raj Grewal for finance minister! That man can clean up massive debt!

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'There is one law in Australia… nothing will change my mind': Jacqui Lambie refuses to back down on her call to ban Islamic sharia law

The Evil of Whitewashing Islam

... at a spot I have driven past countless times, there was a terrorist incident. An armed Muslim, Yacqub Khayre, crying out support for the Islamic State ...

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Twitter Tells Pamela Geller to Lawyer Up for Breaking SHARIA LAW. “

Mohamed Hoblos is a tough Salafist Muslim, born in Australia but with Lebanese roots. In a video , he can be seen explaining to imprisoned Muslims that they ...

Former Alleged Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle is to appear in an Ottawa court today for a bail hearing.

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Dubai celebrity chef could face prosecution for anti-Islam comments

Rashida Tlaib to wear traditional Palestinian gown when she's sworn into Congress

No Sharia in America …

In federal court documents filed earlier this month, Shakeel A. Kahn claims that he was placed and remains in solitary confinement for practicing Islam.

Muslim denies attacking police officers with a 4ft samurai sword after shouting 'Allahu Akbar'outside Buckingham Palace

Muslims offended Bob Geldof's Ebola Fundraiser single, a rework of “Do They Know It's Christmas” mentions Christmas

The complaint, which was filed in US District Court in Boston on Thursday, alleges that “officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Boston Police ...

Australia: TV star faces “racial vilification” hearing for saying Muslim immigration should be stopped

In 2013, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad appeared to urge the wiping out of all Jews and cited as an example the Holocaust.

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Muslim scholar could seek legal advice if Irish media republish Mohammed cartoon

Police in Oslo have held talks with returning youngsters because of radicalization concerns over their stay at Quran schools abroad.

So he staggered from the flaming vehicle, and a pedestrian, assuming the car detonation had been an accident, went to the driver's aid.

Indianapolis Symphonic Choir's Islam-inspired oratorio: Did you know that Islam is supposedly connected to the Psalms of David?

The suspect in the deadly shooting at a Maryland newspaper building has been identified as 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos of Laurel, Maryland, law enforcement ...

Muslim arrested for hate crime against Catholic Church in Mississauga

Media holds secret meeting on dividing Trudeau's news bailout

Australia: Muslim community splits over leader's defence of Charlie Hebdo

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Discovering Islam at McGill

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Hijabs back in Quebec spotlight as veiled Muslim woman prepares to seek election

For a time, one could not open a newspaper or visit an online news site without finding yet another scandal about sexual harassment.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali draws criticism from fellow atheists at Yale - Religion News Service

Belgian Jews call out official for Nazi collaborator comment

Turkish World Bulletin: 'From a ruined life to Islam, challenging his Catholic faith'

Twitter Locks Well-Known Feminist's Account For Tweeting 'Men Aren't Women'

White farmers in South Africa claim they are being targeted in a series of brutal attacks over land that are being overlooked by police and implicitly ...

Evil White Hegemonist Tory MPP Says Toronto Hate Madrassah Should Have Permit Yanked. “

For home or business…

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Germany accuses army linguist of spying for Iran over Afghan missions

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The Revolt Against Diversity's Inquisitors

New York Times Normalizes Pedophilia

Islamic council calls for Grasso's resignation after 'hate-filled' Facebook posts

Afganistan: Badghis Husband Kills his 9-Year-Old Wife

The BBC's shameful silence on the Telford (Muslim rape gang) sex scandal


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'It is possible to be Muslim and a lesbian'

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LGBT activist blasts gov't tribunal for saying he was 'born as male'

Iran envoy rejects U.N. investigator's charges of rights abuses, alleges Iranophobia and Islamophobia

Eid gathering at the Chatham-Kent Muslim Association

Here we go again: huge families because “Allah will provide” but as usual Western aid agencies will be expected to take on that role

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The purpose of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is to take up issues to help combat war, poverty, civil unrest and human rights abuse and the like ...

Racist Cram School For Kids…

CAIR Calling Shots on Who Gets Banned from Facebook and Twitter

#Garlandshooting Muslim Terrorists Honored As Martyrs In Pakistan

Sweden's Left Party wants immigrants to have the right to vote

Black janitors allege racial discrimination, plan to file human rights complaint

The Berkeley Police Department published the information for 15 out of 20 individuals it arrested on its Twitter feed to much criticism from left-wing ...

CBC Ideas: Is Islam the 'green' religion?

Indonesian police cut transgender women's hair to force 'manly makeover'

Angry army wives protest in Paris over military working conditions

Blazing Cat Fur Said the cleric!

Refugees are 'Muslim invaders' seeking better lives – Hungarian PM