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Color Blending Fiber with Hand Combs This is a great way to use up

Color Blending Fiber with Hand Combs This is a great way to use up


Color Blending Fiber with Hand Combs. This is a great way to use up extra fiber or 'save' colours that you are not so keen on, also, colours blended this ...

Paradise Fibers Single Row Blending Hackles-Fiber Accessory-Paradise Fibers-6"- ...

Fiber Blender Tools-

Color Blending for Spinners Online Workshop

Blending Hackle - Double Row

Blending Hackle

Blending Hackle and Comb Set

Misc Techniques--Blending for Gradient Color

Looking to Buy Wool Combs? – Terminology

... more like the combed preparations, and suitable for all kinds of spinning, I especially like to corespin it to make the most of the colour effects.

Another great feature is a way to use up those leftovers of wool from your projects. Collect them in a basket or a jar, and once you have enough, ...

How to Use Majacraft Mini Hand Combs

Mini Combs – These combs are small, easy to take to classes. generally single or double pitch. Often used for sampling or small projects.

A blending board is sometimes seen simply as an alternative to a drum carder, however you can get very different effects when blending on a board, ...

... you can make your own graduated batts to spin a wonderful graduated yarn from, you can make stripes, and you can layer colours to make ...

How To Make A Wood Comb And Hackle Set

Hand Carding Techniques: How to Use the Hand Carders by Sarafina Fiber Art

You use these by clamping one comb to a table and swinging the other comb using two hands.

Russian Paddle Combs – These combs are very wide with fine, short tines. These are great for separating doble coats and then spinning the shorter undercoat ...

Keeping the comb in my left hand stationary, I begin smoothly passing the second (empty) comb through the tips of the fiber; moving away from, NEVER towards ...

Blending Hackle--Combing & Blending Wool


2. after loading fluff up the fiber

Louet Mini Combs - Double Row


English Combs Set

Here's where the blending board is really useful for felting and not like a drum carder or hand carder or anything like that. If you've ever wet felted, ...



I combed the cormo and kid mohair out twice (2 passes) to remove all of the VM. The more you comb the fibers the more blended they will become.

Hair Building Fibers with Natural Keratin to Conceal Instantly for Thinning Hair, Bald spot &

Misty is teaching some great spinning classes this year at Kid n Ewe!

Ashford Blending Board

In Monet's Garden: Impressionist Color Blending with Marled Yarns : Part 2 Spinning Wool,

English Combs – These are the larger combs that many people think of when they think of combing wool. Usually these combs have 4 or 5 rows of tines.

Using the Art Roving Hackle as a "parking station" for my fiber, I simply load my hand comb and comb until the fibers and colors are blended to my ...

How to Hand Card Wool for Needle Felting or Wet Felting

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To load the comb I take one in my left hand and lash on fleece/locks much like I do with the comb and hackle sets. Due to the fibers I'm using I ...

Perparing your Fibers for Carding

2001 Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival Diamond Award Best of Show Raw Fiber

Colour Blending on a Hackle

Picture. Art Roving Hackle. Picture. Hand Combs


I also liked using the color blending hackle. The old saying "getting your hackles up" might refer to this type of tool which is all pointy and prickley.

I comb until the fibers are aligned, free-flowing, and most short fibers are removed. This is subjective, best summed up as "to your liking"; usually three ...


Large Viking Wool Combs

Combing Wool Kit

I repeated the above process 3 times and as you can see the fiber is pretty blended though not to the point of being all one color.

Rosie's Blending Board Pad

DIY fiber combs and hackle, and how I use them to prepare raw alpaca fiber into roving for spinning. Alpaca fiber from Manna Meadows in Bonner Springs, ...

Blue Faced Leicester Wool Top Fiber is so fluffy and soft! But what about that Coopworth Blend Wool Roving Fiber? For this one, I didn't divide the length ...

6 Tips for Your Best Blend

Grab a hand full and shake…..I find an up and down motion works best, but that's my preference. Example #1 is using Rambouillet.

Eric shapes the handles in such a way that you can get a really good grip on them.......much better I think than the round handles.... and there is a "knob" ...

Dyed Teeswater - Sold by the Ounce


Amano Warmi - Happy Ewe - 1

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Hair building fibers in a shaker container (left) and water activated hair loss concealer

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Color makeovers are a lot of fun, unless your client doesn't end up with what they want. Make sure that you're choosing the best color before you mix the ...


The iBoard Blender

4 Ways to Eliminate a Line of Demarcation


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The Best Hair Clippers for Home Use

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Creating a rolag using hand cards

The 8 Best Root-Concealing Products to Cover Up Grays and Save You Money

Bumble and bumble Bb. Color Stick ($26). Apply this dry fiber ...

Drum carder (extra wide model)

FulledYarn.jpg (21541 bytes) Natural Colored Pygora yarn

Ashford Hand Carders

Picture of Fiber Management

Multi-colored knitwork made in stockinette stitch.

Picture of Add More Fiber

Ashford Flick Carder

Dyed Wool Top