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Detroitarea RoboCop found guilty in beating of unarmed black man

Detroitarea RoboCop found guilty in beating of unarmed black man


Detroit-area 'RoboCop' found guilty in beating of unarmed black man | US news | The Guardian

Former Inkster police officer William Melendez is sentenced in a case of assault against Floyd Dent, at Wayne County court in Detroit on Feb. 2.

Detroit's 'RoboCop' Guilty of Brutality!

How a traffic stop left a Michigan man beaten, bloodied and bitter at police | US news | The Guardian

Ex-Inkster Cop Has 'No Idea' Why He Beat Suspect Unconscious

Shepard Fairey vandalism case 'disappoints' Detroit arts community

Former Inkster Police Officer William Melendez is sentenced

Video of man beaten during Inkster traffic stop sparks state police investigation | MLive.com

Source: Uncredited/AP

Detroit teachers' sickout shuts down schools as officials scramble for recourse

Inkster Police Officer William Melendez and other officers beat and put 57-year-old

Flint's 'toxic soup' polluted water worse for children than thought, doctor says

Obama addresses 'terrible tragedy' of Flint water crisis while in Michigan

Lamar Grable, 20, “executed” by Detroit killer cop Eugene Brown, with his partner Yost, 1996.

Floyd Dent received a $1.4 milion settlement for the beating he endured.

Floyd Dent speaks at press conference March 25, 2015.

Floyd Dent (r) helps lead April 2 march on Inkster police station to demand

(Diane Bukowski/Voice of Detroit)

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Swearing in front of children and duelling no longer crimes in Michigan

David Harvey, former executive director of the Michigan

Detroit Police Officer William Melendez was one of

In Detroit 'ruin porn' ignores the voices of those who still call the city home

Inkster PD rally 2

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Melendez has been sued in federal court as least 12 times, with an early lawsuit involving the execution-style slaying of Lou Adkins, unarmed, on Detroit's ...

Chief Chester Logan

During his long-term tenure with the Detroit Police Department, Melendez helped shoot to death two unarmed Detroiters, Lou Adkins, during a traffic stop in ...

Flint's state of emergency is a sign that democracy is working there again

Hamtramck tried to fire Ronald Dupuis, in 2005 -- after

Family members of three people killed by Vicki Yost's partner Eugene Brown demonstrate outside Frank Murphy

Michigan governor's about-face on refugees undercuts resettlement plans

Ben Carson: screen Syrian refugees like they might be rabid dogs

He Fatally Shot an Unarmed Man in 1996 While He Was on the Ground

DETROIT FREE PRESS. Ex-cop sentenced ...

Muslim databases and 'rabid dogs': Trump, Carson and GOP in explosion of rhetoric over Syrians

From TheJournal.ie Three charged over murder of Detroit teen who picked up $70

Detroit's infamous 'RoboCop' faces trial for beating black man during traffic stop | US news | The Guardian

Missouri supreme court rules to dismiss death row inmate's murder convictions

NAN protest Floyd Dent April 3

Michigan Judge Pulls No Punches in 30-Minute Sentencing Tirade Against Police Officer

Detroit braces for 'sickout' by teachers frustrated by class sizes and conditions

Bill Davis (l) Pres. of Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association, joined hundreds in march.

Michigan governor orders national guard to assist in Flint's water crisis

How a traffic stop left a Michigan man beaten, bloodied and bitter at police | US news | The Guardian

Ben Carson: screen Syrian refugees like they're rabid dogs – video

Hundreds march in Inkster April 2 to demand justice for Floyd Dent, an end to

Floyd Dent and grandchildren on stage during rally April 2.

Montana governor frees man convicted in 1979 beating death of classmate

New Video Allegedly Shows Cop Planting Drug Evidence After Beating Unarmed Man – ThinkProgress

Liberal MP fights back tears over friend's domestic violence death – video

From TheJournal.ie Detroit man convicted of shooting unarmed woman on his porch

Rape conviction thrown out after 16 years as new DNA evidence emerges

National Action Network of Michigan recruited Inkster residents to march for justice for Floyd Dent March

The Robocop films featured a police officer ressurected into a superhuman cyborg which single-handedly

Vicki Yost as Detroit Police Inspector. and DPD's liaison to the USDOJ under the former consent decree.

From TheJournal.ie Politicians, celebrities and fans attend Aretha Franklin's funeral

Ferndale Police Chief Timothy Collins

Floyd Dent and attorney Gregory Rohl, with Dent's family members behind the, address the

Ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle sentenced to over 15 years in prison

States with more authority than Michigan.

Driver accused in Oklahoma parade crash was not legally drunk, filing says

April 2 march takes Michigan Avenue on the way to Inkster police station. Cornell Squires

From TheJournal.ie From Motor City to Leinster House: The Detroit water protesters have been busy since they

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Floyd Dent testifies against ex-Inkster police officer

RoboCop (character) RoboCop Character Comic Vine

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She belongs to us': Detroit reeling after death of. '

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Floyd Dent testifies against ex-Inkster police officer

NAN protesters outside Inkster police HQ March 25, 2015.

Michigan Judge Pulls No Punches in 30-Minute Sentencing Tirade Against Police Officer

New York Police Department's Miosotis Familia, ...

Floyd Dent, blooded and seriously injured, thrown on top of police car.

Florida man apologized before robbing store on Thanksgiving

Eugene Brown being promoted to sergeant after killing three people at left.

Floyd Dent got served a court charge of possession. He claims he was set up.

Judge confronts 'racist' ex-cop over beating


Kevin Matthews to killer cop: STOP IT!

Want to see pictures of Detroit's almost-finished Robocop statue?

RoboCop (character) ROBOCOP 39Alex Murphyquot Character Trailer YouTube

From TheJournal.ie Video shows police beating unarmed black man Floyd Dent

Man in prison 16 years may be acquitted after DNA links crimes to serial rapist

Laquan McDonald video reveals false police account – but still leaves gaps