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Eureka Technical Services Limited EurekaSafetyTips

Eureka Technical Services Limited EurekaSafetyTips


#EurekaSafetyTips @sikikasafety @eureka_africa Car Track is at a discounted price. Call us on 0720960752 #MtuWetuNonsense President Kenyatta ...

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What to Look Out For When Choosing CCTV Cameras

4 Reasons Why Online Vehicle Tracking is Important

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choosing vehicle alarms

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Adjust your side view mirror so that you can barely see the side of your car. #EurekaSafetyTips #roadsafety #respectdrivers #drivewithcare #roadsafetytips

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Why Eureka Technical Services Remains the Best in Road Safety Management

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buying speed governors

#EurekaSafetyTips @eureka_africa

Importance of Vehicle Tracking Devices in Fleet Management

Steps on how to install vehicle tracking devices

5 Reasons You Should Install a Speed Governor in Your Car Today

The purpose of our #Eureka Technical Services team is to provide greater tranquillity, efficiency


Four Important Tips for Buying Speed Governors

Benefits of Installing CCTV Cameras in Shopping Malls

Top 3 Speed Control Measures All Drivers Must Know

#EurekaSafetyTips @eureka_africa #EurekaSpeedGovernors President Kenyatta KES 20 #FuzuAt3 #TravelWithTrippyGO #Brekko #Results2018 #Results2018 ...

5 Benefits of a Quality GPS Tracking Device

5 roles of the public regarding road accidents in Kenya

The 3 Components of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Safety Tips for All Road Users in the Festive Season

David Telles. #EurekaSafetyTips

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5 Causes of Vehicle Collisions in Kenya During X'Mas Seasons

5 Benefits of Having a CCTV Camera at Your Office

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Why Choose Eureka Live Vehicle Tracking Device?

fleet management and costs control

Get the most suitable tracker package according to your needs. www.eurekaafrica.com

5 Road Safety Measures for Drivers When It's Raining

10 Safety Tips for Kids Crossing the Road During the Festive Season

5 Road Safety Measures You Should Know When Driving

Road Safety tips for Motorists in the Festive Season

4 Easy Steps to Charge Your GPS Tracking Device Battery

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road signs pedestrians

Avoid Crashes: 3 Reasons You Should Slow Down Your Speed


#SafetyTip: Good visibility is the key to safe driving. Make sure your headlights work!

#nowyouknow Jacque Maribe #WorldTourismDay #2018KBAResearchConference # EurekaSafetyTips #EurekaCares @eureka_africa Call 0720960752 Email ...

People are Stealing Your Fuel? Here's What To Do

Did you know the arrow next to your fuel gauge is showing you which side of the car the gas tank is on?

Driving with dim vision in Kenya

Bad Roads Cause Road Accidents

Subaru Kenya

#EurekaSafetyTips @eureka_africa Merry Christmas

Find this Pin and more on #EurekaSafetyTips by David Telles.

5 Reasons You Must Wear Your Seat Belt Always

Top 3 Things for Pedestrians to Avoid Road Accidents with Trucks

5 Dangers of Overloading Your Car

3 Safety Benefits of Speed Governors



Reckless speeding can make you lose control of the car. Avoid rush driving. Drive

Do you love your car? Then install a car tracking device.

Driving through Slippery Roads? Here's What To Do

Driving In the Rain

You won't believe what passed for speed in 1896! The first speeding ticket

How GPS Tracking Systems Are Helping Car Rental Firms to Boom

Want To Buy Quality GPS Tracking Devices? Here Are 5 Quality Features to Look for

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4 Qualities of Good Speed Governors

3 Simple Procedures to Cross the Road Safely

Access to data transmissions is limited by design. Modern CCTV camera displays can be high-resolution color, providing the CCTV administrator with the ...

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Distracted Driving: Sending Text Messages While Driving

Which Time of the Day Do Accidents Usually Happen?


Vintage Road Safety Posters

Good Road Transports in Africa

... know that your car battery drains even when the car is off? Fully charge your battery at least once a week. | #EurekaSafetyTips #RespectDrivers #Accide…

#romaticspeedlimiters hashtag on Twitter

If you've heard of of vehicles going missing don't worry that yours could be next. Get your own Affordable GPS Tracker for peace of mind. www.eurekaafrica. ...

Did you know that your car battery drains even when the car is off? Fully

Why You Must Treat Speed Governors as Insurance Factors

5 Top Dangers of Hard Braking

#CarTips: Don't ride your clutch in anticipation of gear changes. You'll accelerate quicker and your clutch will last longer if you use it sparingly.


Did you know the arrow next to your fuel gauge is showing you which side of the … | #EurekaSafetyTips #RespectDrivers #[email protected]_africa ...

2017 Road Accident Statistics of Kenya

#TrackingTips: Make sure your GPS tracking device is fully charged before you deploy it! #ilovemycar #cartrackeureka

5 Ways to Stay Safe on the Road

How GPS Tracking Systems Prevent Fuel Theft

Vehicle Alarms

#autokontroluk hashtag on Twitter

So What Exactly Is Overspeeding?

5 Speed Management Tips for December & the X'Mas Season

10 Socio-Economic Benefits of Speed Governors that Will Blow Your Mind

Top 20 Causes of Fatal Road Accidents

#CarTip: Turn the wheel 180 degrees before getting out of the car in Summer

3 Top Benefits of Speed Governors in Controlling Vehicle Speed