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FDRs Social Security Part of the biggest bookkeeping job in the

FDRs Social Security Part of the biggest bookkeeping job in the


FDR's Social Security - "Part of the biggest bookkeeping job in the world - Filing

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act, 14th August 1935. (

Putting the Social Security Act into operation was a massive challenge, in some respects it was the biggest filing job in American history, ...

FDR signed the Social Security Act in 1935.

cover of OASIS News

Composite photograph of people present at the signing of the 1935 Social Security Act

This war-era poster used the theme of wartime solidarity to encourage people to help SSA reduce its SSN replacement workload. SSA History Museum & Archives.

Close up of Social Security cards

SSA's early accounting operations in Baltimore circa 1936. The issuing of Social Security numbers and

Building the Structure. Social Security Board members

1939 Amendments poster

This 1939 poster was part of the Social Security Board's most important early informational campaign--educating the public as to the value of the Social ...

photo of Chater with Gore

Overview - FDR's New Deal and the Economy

Altmeyer during his early days with Social Security, circa late 1930s. SSA History Archives.

1937 IBM advertisement for punched cards

Online Claims and Services web page

Photograph of President Roosevelt signing the Social Security Act, August 1935

NCPSSM. Social Security · Champion

graph of poverty statistics

photo of small filing cabinet

Bertrand (above, with his ideological opponent, FDR) started out life as a bookkeeper. Then he successfully ran a ...

photo of AJA getting an award

... Today we look at Social Security.

Social Security 45th Anniversary Poster. It features portraits of FDR and Francis Townsend and other New Deal politicians and the Bonus Marchers. 1980.

How FDR Beat the Great Depression

Total federal grants, loans, and value of mortgages insured, March 1933–June

Social Security is particularly important to vulnerable groups. Almost 80% of African American beneficiaries age 65 and older depend on their Social ...


2007 Social Security card redesign

Big three at White House

In 1983, the President Reagan and the United States Congress accepted the recommendations of The Greenspan Commission and increased payroll taxes to save ...

Comparison of net SS benefits

photo of Altmeyer grave site


1937 IBM advertisement for punched cards

photo of John R. Commons


On August 14, 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Originally the bill was going to be called the “Economic Security Act,” but ...

Celebrating Social Security and Building on Its Proven Success

Historic view of FDR Library Archival Stacks

Reasons for this decline include the legislated increase in the “full-benefit age” for receiving Social Security benefits and rising Medicare premiums that ...

Chapter 2: Flat Files

Civilian Conservation Corps, Third Corps Area: typing class with W.P.A. instructor, 1933. Photo: Public Domain

Social Security and the "D" in OASDI: The History of a Federal Program Insuring Earners Against Disability

Here's How the Great Depression Brought on Social Security

Track Record: Here we answer who has been a champion for

Social Security -- the cornerstone of the New Deal

FDR Library Photograph Collection. NPx # 48223710(237)

I B M 705 mainframe

Paul Ryan says cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are Republicans' “greatest unfinished business.” I say FDR's Second Bill of Rights are the ...

Social Security Act

Thompson concludes that if the pay-as-you-go cost of Social Security and Hospital Insurance under Medicare were met solely by raising taxes on wages, ...

Inflation-Adjusted Social Security Non-Interest Income Minus Expenses

photo of Apfel with Clinton

August 5 1938 - Stenographers Diary

Policy Basics: Top Ten Facts about Social Security | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Postal carriers delivering SS -5 application forms on the first day of the SSN enumeration effort. SSA History Museum & Archives.

Social Security was created as part of the New Deal under FDR.

A timeline shows important events of the era. In 1929, Hoover is inaugurated as

The Altmeyer's final home on Regent Street in Madison.

... 25. Miscellaneous payments the ...

A vintage Social Security poster. Not to mention the great typeface/design as well.

President Franklin Roosevelt signing the emergency Railroad Act with Senator Clarence Drill (left) and

From FDR to today's GOP: How the meaning of 'freedom' changed

Social Security Takes Fraud Seriously · Your Friend, my Social Security

Genomic correlates of response to immune checkpoint blockade in microsatellite-stable solid tumors | Nature Genetics

General Method for Textual Analysis


Perhaps most importantly, over the years the FHA has garnered numerous credit funding advantages over its private-sector competitors.

Social Security Tabulators

August 14 1938 - Stenographers Diary

Photograph (a) shows Molly Dewson sitting at a Social Security Board meeting with Chairman

Effects of calibrated symptom severity (CSS) scores on surface area of the left thalamus. Maps of q-values for the main effect of diagnosis (as in Figure ...

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962): First Lady, Social Welfare Advocate, Human Rights Leader

This poster is a reminder that the nation's first federal unemployment insurance program was also part of the Social Security Act of

SBI INB: Online Transfer of Savings account(Video created in August 2017

President Franklin D. Roosevelt tips his hat to the crowd after taking the Oath of Office as President of the United States for his third consecutive term ...

These funding advantages crowd out a portion of borrowers that would take up mortgages in the conventional market with credit enhancement through private ...

Top Cottage blueprint with FDR's handwritten notations



The Myth of the Social Security Trust Fund - Foundation for Economic Education

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