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How to care for amaryllis after flowering The Forum of Fargo

How to care for amaryllis after flowering The Forum of Fargo


Amaryllis bulb photographed by a reader.

A red amaryllis flower. Getty Images / Special to The Forum1 / 2

Aerial orchid roots are a sign the plant is happy, and it's best to allow them to develop undisturbed. Special to The Forum

Although they are native to Japan, the United States now leads the world in Easter Lily bulb production.Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Indoor gardening during winter keeps green thumbs well-exercised. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Frisco is a new "orienpet" hybrid lily growing in the perennial garden of Linda Bellamare in Fargo. Dave Wallis / Forum News Service

A reader provided tips for growing a hibiscus indoors. Special to Forum News Service

Picotee Amaryllis - Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Forum - GardenWeb **Winter Blessings**❊ ~ ❤✿❤ ♫ ♥ X ღɱɧღ ❤ ~ Wed Dec 20142014

Although they are native to Japan, the United States now leads the world in Easter

Removing pollen-covered anthers as flowers open helps blossoms last longer.Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor2 / 3

Today's quiz helps determine the best pot size for young houseplants. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor1 / 3

All-America Selections / Special to The Forum

Funeral and hospital gift plants can become lasting memories with proper care. Michael Vosburg /

Distinguishing between a Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus is easy if you know what features to look

This Christmas cactus at Sacred Heart Convent in Fargo is more than 100 years old. David Samson / The Forum

Although they are native to Japan, the United States now leads the world in Easter Lily bulb production.Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor3 / 3

Growing Together: Christmas gift ideas for gardeners | West Fargo Pioneer

Succulents can be challenging to grow if the container lacks adequate drainage. Special to the Forum

Houseplants most efficient at purifying indoor air include Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Palm, English Ivy and Aloe Vera. Carrie Snyder / The Forum

A reader submitted this photo of her neglected orchid plant that bloomed unexpectedly. Special to Forum News Service1 / 2

Carol Bradley Bursack, Minding Our Elders columnist. Special to The Forum

Poinsettias can be spray-dyed a variety of vibrant colors. Mike Vosburg / Forum

The best way to prune hydrangeas depends on the type, such as this Hydrangea arborescens

Poinsettias can be bought in sizes from a single bloom to a 3-foot mass of blooms. Photo by Mary Jane Breitling

Gardening in 2019 is predicted to be an important incentive for adults to spend less time

Houseplant cuttings readily root with this simple method. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Don't worry, aerial roots on orchid are normal

Roses were America's most widely planted flower in 2018. Forum file photo

Iris, named after the goddess of the rainbow, have a wider range of available

Potted moms sold in fall are meant to be seasonal decorations and aren't usually

Valentine floral arrangements are a fun do-it-yourself project.

Garden quizzes are fun ways to discuss plant care. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor2 / 3

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Canada Blooms rose flowers repeatedly throughout summer even after a light fall frost. David Samson

A reader submitted this photo of a centerpiece he created on the fly. Special to

Iris are among a short list of perennials that are best cut back in fall,

Garden phlox stand out in the garden when in full bloom. John Zvirovski / The

Resolve to grow annuals you've never tried, such as cleome. David Samson

A variety of blossoms fills this flower bed. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Don Kinzler identifies this volunteer flower as Nicandra physalodes, known simply as Nicandra or apple

Recommended for you Containers of chocolate-covered trail mix, sunflower-sesame brittle, and sweet and

Flocked trees have the appearance of freshly fallen snow like this collection from Baker Garden &

A Fielding Questions reader was delighted to see her Easter lily blooming in November. Special

Hydrangea paniculata types have pyramid-shaped clusters, like those of the Pink Diamond variety

Braeburn apple trees aren't typically adapted to growing in this climate, but it may be possible to successful grow one by following a few care tips.

Gardeners appreciate useful gifts such as these supplies from Shotwell Floral and Greenhouse in Fargo, N.D. Carrie Snyder / Forum News Service

Boston ferns enjoy long lifespans because they can easily be divided if they become overcrowded.

Gardening catalogs contain valuable information and are useful reference guides. Michael Vosburg / Forum News

Don Kinzler offers advice to a reader wondering if they should cut back their chrysanthemum this

Growing your own food gives a healthy supply of herbs and vegetables. David Samson /

Flora North owners Ellie Just (right) and Sarah Bjork arrange bridal and bridesmaid bouquets

A reader asks if this basement setup with grow lights would be a good place to

A before-and-after view of how a Fargo resident's Autumn Blaze maples look

North Dakota's largest Ohio Buckeye is growing at the Diocese of Fargo Bishop's Residence, 608. How to grow ...

Bedroom and living space at Chris Diversion's home in Fargo that will be featured on the · '

Emily Brooks of Fargo says it takes four to five hours to make one decorative pillow ...

Agnes Schmidt

A reader waited 22 years for this bird-of-paradise plant to bloom.

Don Kinzler, Growing Together and Fielding Questions columnist. The Forum2 / 2

Tulips Bulbs Triumph Mixture (Set of 50)

Kyleigh Grafstrom holds her daughter Goldie while watching her son Lars explore the new bathtub in

Fielding Questions: Vine identified, how to protect junipers and more

Mixed Tulips Xtreme Viridiflora Blend (12-Pack)

Black Tower Elderberry - Monrovia - Black Tower Elderberry

Monica Douglas poses for a photo Thursday, Jan.

NDSU's red Norland potato is a popular option thanks to its smooth skin, shallow eyes

Gardeners appreciate small starter plants that will grow into larger houseplants.Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor2 / 4

Wait to assess winter damage on evergreens until June to see if and where growth will

Research show working with plants improves people's health and happiness. Michael Vosburg / Forum News

The purple antioxidant anthocyanin has many health benefits and can be found in foods such as

Pinching out the centers of clematis vines doubles the growth as shown by the new sprouts

Carrie Snyder / Forum Communications Co. Lucky, left, and Buddy are kittens that Jim Johnson of West Fargo, N.D., rescued last fall.1 / 2

Rhododendrons probably can recover from rabbit damage. Thinkstock.com

You can prevent powdery mildew disease by avoiding overhead sprinkling and watering in the morning,

Cassandra Jacobson

Ice Crystal Multi-Colored Tulip Bulbs (10-Pack)

Red Tulips Non-Stop Red Blend Bulbs ...

Granular fertilizer should be cultivated in shallowly and then watered. Michael Vosburg / Forum News

11 lb.

The crowd lingers in front of the Civic Center following a women's march Saturday, Jan

A lawsuit recently filed against Wells Fargo insist the bank charged auto loan customers for unnecessary insurance. (Dreamstime)

Special to Forum News Service

Columnar Sweetgum - fall color Columnar Trees, Deciduous Trees, Flowering Trees, Evergreen Garden

The main house on the former Denny Hecker estate near Crosslake. Minn., features

When selecting a grass seed, look for one with Kentucky bluegrass, the species best

Prunus Amanogawa, a poplar-shaped flowering cherry (the Japanese Flowering Cherry) which grows up up to tall in ten years without getting more than wide.

Seth and Nicole Holden Seth built a 500-square-feet addition to their north

Lujo, placer y cuidadoso trabajo artesanal son conceptos que vienen a la mente al platicar con Alejandra Ruiz. No se trata de una experta en gemas o alta ...

Tomato cultivation in the vases of an urban garden on the terrace of an apartment.

Can gardening help you live to 100? Research says yes. David Samson / The

... their planting passion with projects like these from Baker Garden and Gift in Fargo. David Samson / Forum News Service3 / 4. Although amaryllis bulbs ...

A Rainy Day At Terrain _ I have been so inspired by rain lately. The

Red Flowers acrylic painting on 8x10 unframed canvas by iPinxit, $30.00 Red Flowers

Pink Impression Darwin Hybrid Tulip Bulbs ...

Lalibela Darwin Hybrid Tulip Bulbs ...

Don Kinzler, gardening columnist 1 / 3

Purple Tulips Non-Stop Purple Blend Bulbs ...

Sky Pencil Japanese Holly - Monrovia - Sky Pencil Japanese Holly