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Im gonna pull into this spot and order a oh bsod pbsod

Im gonna pull into this spot and order a oh bsod pbsod


I'm gonna pull into this spot and order a - ..oh.

I guess Im not catching my bus today #bsod #pbsod

Exposed BIOS Settings at T-Centralen - Stockholm #bsod #pbsod

Clasical advertisement #bsod #pbsod

Im gonna pull into this spot and order a - ..oh. #bsod #pbsod | hahahahahahah blue screen of death

Error messages at my school on a display slide show.

Im gonna pull into this spot and order a - ..oh. #bsod #pbsod | hahahahahahah blue screen of death

Im gonna pull into this spot and order a - ..oh. #bsod #pbsod | hahahahahahah blue screen of death

Keeping me up to date with the motorway traffic situation #bsod #pbsod Information Board

Keyboard failure Strike the F1 key to continue #bsod #pbsod

Im gonna pull into this spot and order a - ..oh. #bsod #pbsod | hahahahahahah blue screen of death

Nice advertisement you have there. #bsod #pbsod

Yo quiero BSOD

The demo Nintendo Switch had a fault #bsod #pbsod

Blue screen of death t-shirt » Coolest Gadgets Coolest Gadgets, Death, Windows

You meet the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) in odd places

A photo booth in germany #bsod #pbsod Photo Booth, Germany, Funny Pictures

McDonalds is running Linux on their order machines.

From r/softwaregore #bsod #pbsod

Blue screen of wait what? (x-post from r/softwaregore) #bsod #pbsod

Glitchlife: Gallery of public Blue Screens of Death, including a world-beater

Elevator going up #bsod #pbsod

Meme/JokeWindows ...

I just want some shitty coffee.

My favorite song in Guitar Hero. #bsod #pbsod Guitar, Hero, Digital

JustMasterRaceThingsThe Blue Screen of Death ...

New blue screen of death level (super rare!)

Dateo train station in Milan #bsod #pbsod

oh boy I love this game! #bsod #pbsod Arcade Machine, Running,


Self Service Kiosk in McDonalds #bsod #pbsod

So here is yet another example of public information displays showing Windows blue screen of death.

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Crashed while in demo mode (Saturn) #bsod #pbsod

My crystal ball broke ...

The first thing I'm gonna do when I get into college is go to Denny's at four A.M.

A four thousand dollar blue screen ...

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Blue Screen of Death - Funny Office Pranks - TechEBlog Gadget News, Coke Machine,

Windows Blue of Dead - Airport

Windows 10 is fineeee #bsod #pbsod

At the airport in Kentucky. Was told this belonged here and not softwaregore.

Automated key cutting kiosk having a breakdown #bsod #pbsod Kiosk, Key, Unique

In cinemas this fall. #bsod #pbsod

Right in the middle of the lunch rush at the local Wawa all systems restarted and

The credit card reader at gift shop uses Linux ...

Gas Pump Blue Screen of Death

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Meme/JokeThe ...


Building with broken windows #bsod #pbsod Broken Window, Glitch Art, Microsoft Windows

Now imagine with DooM Eternal OST


I've been tricked

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Oh god pray for ken

Nicktoons Racing at a local restaurant #bsod #pbsod Cool Cartoons, Racing, Restaurant

Thus ATM ate my card and then rebooted. Sorry for the glare it was very sunny ...



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This bar has the amount of beer left in the keg on the digital tap list ...

Instagram post by @thedisappointingexperience • Nov 29, 2018 at 4:18pm UTC

Me Too Meme

But if the big bang was in a nutshell.Wouldnt that mean the universe came from a gigantic nut?

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C3RV34U exhibition at Palais des sciences Paris #bsod #pbsod Interactive Exhibition, Interactive Display

Any minute now.

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If You Eat Food Or Have Heard Of Food, These 19 Tumblr Posts Are For You


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Fushigidane on Instagram: “All of them can be Number 1, but one of

The realness of real life dawned on me when i was in third grade or something

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Wheres my bus? #bsod #pbsod

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Solid unit conversion, Siri! : softwaregore

Im allergic to bullets #funny #funnymemes #humor #memes #funnypic #quotes

Biggest blue screen Ive ever seen! #bsod #pbsod Big Windows, Pattaya Thailand

It's technically correct — the best kind of correct.

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Sleepy Ocean Blue

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