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In 828 merchants from Venice stole from Alexandria the remains of

In 828 merchants from Venice stole from Alexandria the remains of


In 828, merchants from Venice stole from Alexandria the remains of the apostle St.

Tomasso Rangone, a patron of the arts in Venice, and the Guardian Grande of a large confraternity in Venice.

Gentile Bellini and Giovanni Bellini, Saint Mark Preaching in Alexandria, 1507, Milan, Italy (Image from Artstor).

Legend has it that two Venetian merchants stole the remains of St. Mark the Evangelist from Alexandria in the 9th Century. Once the saint's relics were ...

St. Marks body enroute to Venice from Alexandria

StMarkCathAlex.jpg. An interior view of St. Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria

Stealing of the Body

Tintoretto: The Stealing of the Body of St Mark Accademia, Venice

Roderick Conway Morris

Roderick Conway Morris

There's enough mosaic here to cover 1.5 American football fields…

Basilica di San Marco - Interior

A mosaic of St Marks body welcomed into Venice, at St Mark's Basilica, Venice.

Paolo Veneziano: The discovery of the relics of St Mark Basilica di San Marco, Venice

Election of the Doge Agnello Perticiago - miniature fifteenth century, Marciana Library

Transfer of St. Mark in Procession to the Basilica. All Photos Despina Siolas,

The Stealing of St. Mark's Body, Chapel of San Clemente, Basilica of San Marco, 12th century, (Image provided by UMW Slide Library).

Finding of the Body of Saint Mark by Tintoretto

Cathedral of San Marco in Venice

An important city needed the protection of an important saint.

The Rialto Bridge

A lot of the basilica's treasures came from the Crusades—and from Constantinople

St. mark's gospel St. Theodore was the patron saint of Venice before the relics of Saint Mark.

Relics of Saint Mark[edit]

Mark the Evangelist

Paolo Veneziano: St Mark calming the storm on the way to Venice Basilica di San Marco, ...

The basilica began with a swashbuckling tale of kidnapping

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Sarcophagus of Saint Mark

Venice and its lagoons

Mark the Evangelist by Andrea Mantegna, 1450.

Detail of the gable showing Venice's patron apostle St. Mark with angels. Underneath is a winged lion, the symbol of the saint and of Venice.

St. Mark's Basilica was the first church created in Venice located in the Doge's Palace in 828. It has been said that Venetian merchants stole the body of ...

I had always considered Venice the ultimate romantic city break and yet had never visited its canals or seen it's frescos. I had flown in and out of Venice ...


14 Reasons You Must Visit Vibrant Venice for the Carnival

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The Lion of San Marco on the Palazzo Ducale in Venice

The ...

Miracle of the Slave by Tintoretto

Hypotheses of the former ducal palace.

Abduction of St. Mark's relics.

Facade of the cathedral.

street view of Venice

St. Mark's Basilica in Venice is dedicated to the author of the second Gospel,

Leone di San Marco

Basilica of Saint Mark

Its new high-speed trains rate pretty highly on any list of new resources, while of those from the past, Venice ...

Gondola on Canal Grande with Rialto Bridge at sunset, Venice

... is the winged lion, the Lion of Saint Mark. Inscription: PAX TIBI MARCE EVANGELISTA MEVS. The same lion is also symbol of Venice (on illustration)

Hidden Venice Express Tour with Saint Mark's Basilica, Rialto and Gondola

Figure 1: Historic map of Venice by Piri Reis in the Kitab al-Bahriye (Book of Navigation). (Source).

Visiting Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice | Practical tips, info & tickets

Grand Canal

Figure 2: Old map of Venice in Braun and Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum, first Latin edition of volume I, 1572. The engraving by Bolognino Zaltieri ...

Tintoretto's Deposition Mosaic Closeup

Venetian Carnival Masks

The stone, once near the tomb of St. Mark, St. Apollonia in today, with the symbols of the royal family of Philip II The sun of Verghina

Soak in the Byzantine splendor of St. Mark's Basilica At the eastern end of St

Venice at Night -Top 10 Things to See and Do in Venice, Italy – Photocredit

Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale)

A sumptuous tour of Renaissance Venice in books and drawings at the Morgan Library

An icon of Saint Mark the Evangelist, 1657.

Festa di San Marco, Venezia, 25 aprile, patrono Venezia, feste tradizionali, eventi venezia,Tradizioni, Arte e Storia

Mark the Evangelist looking at the lion, c.823.

St. Mark's Basilica in Venice is dedicated to the author of the second Gospel, considered apostolic for his role in help… | New Testament and Disciples ...

Alexander the Great Founding Alexandria by Placido Costanzi (1736-1737)

Ancient view of Constantinople and the Dardanelles, Venice, 1687.

A Lion of San Marco from a 19th century monument on Campo Manin, Venice

The ship with St Mark's body being searched by Muslims. Mosaic, Basilica di San Marco, ...

Venice restaurants

Venice, Italy

Venice and the Islamic world, 828-1797 /

A Lion of St. Mark on the Torre dell'Orologio in Piazza San Marco

The main water road of the city of Venice, padded with many Renaissance palaces, this water way is a colorful and busy display of gondolas and vaporetti ...

Apparently (according to my guide book), the first St. Mark's church was built in 828 AD when two Venetian merchants stole the body of St. Mark from a ...

Flights to Venice

The Porta della Carta, Venice, Ducal palace.

A dramatic costume from the Venice Carnival

Big crowds of travellers, locals and pilgrims are attracted to the basilica. Before you even enter the building, eyes are automatically drawn to the ...

These visitors often overlook the real Venice, which lies hidden in the romantic back streets and residential quarters of the city.

Modern art lovers will enjoy this Collection that includes priceless works from the leaders of 20th century painting including Pollock, Klee, Mondrian, ...

Fruit of the vine

Venice and its lagoons

James Abbot McNeill Whistler 'Nocturne: Blue and Gold, St Mark's, Venice'

Around 70 per cent of visitors to Venice only come for the day

Lorenzo Quinn's installation on the Grand Canal at the Venice Biennale last year

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The Washing of the Feet by Tintoretto

Venezia, The Show of Venice, at Teatro San Gallo

A painted miniature in an Armenian Gospel manuscript from 1609, held by the Bodleian Library.

Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta from the lagoon.

Gondolas and the sea

Bridge of Sighs

The martyrdom of Saint Mark. Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry (Musée Condé, Chantilly), c. 1412 and 1416.