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In Honor of the Chestnut Tree on Vimeo American Chestnut Trees

In Honor of the Chestnut Tree on Vimeo American Chestnut Trees


The American Chestnut

Researches are working hard to try to breed a blight-immune American Chestnut so that we can bring back these beautiful trees.

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A healthy American chestnut tree in Jackson County, Tennessee. Credit: The American Chestnut Foundation.these trees once dominated Appalachia but are now ...

'In January 1910, the American Lumberman published this photo of giant chestnut trees in western North Carolina, to show how their size compares to that of ...

Spectacular chestnut Street Tree in Seattle ...

American chestnut

About the Tree - Chestnuts in CT | Chestnuts in CT Tree Logs, American Chestnut

Chestnut tree identification chart

Set of summer trees on white background. Apple tree, Oak tree, Rowan,

Can we be in the forefront, championing wood and paper as replacements for plastic while relying on the co-extruded plant bag and tree shelter?

Scientists, environmentalists and local residents are working to resurrect the once-abundant American chestnut

Violets in green foreground, two bare tree trunks in middle distance, trees with foliage

Druid Peak

Japanese pear trees (Pyrus pyrifolia) that have been “Joint Trained” to grow in long straight lines.

Green trees leaves flat icons set of oak aspen linden maple chestnut clover plants isolated vector

Chestnut oak, in André Michaux, Histoire des Chênes, 1801 (Linda Hall Library

American chestnut tree American Chestnut, East Coast, Parks, Park, Parkas

In ...

Designing Your Own Tree Tattoo

restorative agroforestry proposed as a solution to climate change related forest fires.

(Celina, O. [Ohio]) 1895-1921, June 24, 1910, Image 3 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress

Nijidema, an ambient/instrumental album

The grass, the trees, the water, the clouds, everything is contaminated with a barely visible, but omnipresent technology. Human flesh has exploded and has ...

Great North American Landscapes Vol. 3 #10, ©Carolyn Doucette

ariel shot of a patch of trees, surrounding land is fragmented

An unfortunate connection through time is that the loss of the American chestnut (pictured right), to a blight brought to this country by the tree nursery ...

Rotarians joined in. By season's end, over 5000 meals will have been served from the produce of 14 beds in three locations throughout Simcoe. heart

Dysart Woods old growth tree, here showing the foot of the tree

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Jay Robinson carries buckets of fertilizer at Sweetland Farm in Starks, ME. Jay has been producing food for Good Shepherd Food Bank since the beginning of ...

Gene Flores is giving a guided tour of his own exhibition at TurnPark

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With less than 70 days until Opening Campfire, it is officially time to start packing and preparing for the upcoming summer. It is also time to finalize ...

Graphic about tree spirit telesummit.

In small victories it has been six years and I haven't purchased any new tech. Going for ten.

Regrown forest in ...


Rotarians joined in. By season's end, over 5000 meals will have been served from the produce of 14 beds in three locations throughout Simcoe. heart



Charles Marville (French, 1813-1879) 'Man Reclining beneath a Chestnut Tree

Set of winter trees on white background. Apple tree, Oak tree, Rowan,

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Its lifeless and dismembered body was hauled over the shoulder of a man who walks off

Because without me here to write this blog and keep Lebron honest people would never realize that all his “photographic memory” ...

The Sound of a Tree

Survey Of Open Space

Hawaii based Agroforestry Net and FARM Centre are teaming up to offer the Aloha Syntropica-Regenerative Agroforestry Workshop series in Hawi, North Kohala, ...

American Chestnut Cooperators' Foundation

An American Chestnut tree was planted during our visit to Militia Hill. Before the chestnut blight of the early 1900s, one in four trees in Appalachian ...

Pine tree forearm tattoo.

Chestnut Lake Camp has a very special tradition that signifies how the spirit of every camper carries on from summer to summer.

Patience ...

Poster with pictures of people harvesting herbs.

Tall Pine by Tami Phillippi.

American chestnut trees grow in an orchard.

History and Habitat at Thomas Wales Park

pike place

Pion ITE Journal 2018-01-09 Vehicular Cyclists p 43 crop1


I think before Honeybook I would send proposals ...


Ambient/folk artist, Brenda Xu (pronounced “shoo”) has been a rising presence on the Seattle music scene since moving here from San Diego.

In 1930 the Italian fascist police discovered some TIGR cells. Numerous members of the organization were sentenced at the First Trieste trial - four of them ...

All Wars Monument

It has been an exercise in translation, an attempt to capture a living object – a dandelion plant, using visual digital-media and to reconstruct it in ...

Ziziphus jujuba, written in Monbusho chant lyrics. It is now located in General Nogi's residence.

For practitioners of meditation in ...


Centre for Veterinary Epidemiological Research – 6 acres. Meinhard Doelle – 5 acres. Bryson Guptill – 1 acre – In honour of David Guptill, Beth Guptill ...

Dave Portner photo by Josh Dibb

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Cover The Plant Contract

Winter's Breath by Kate Bade.

... get Honeybook!

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Molly Helfend is part of the HOC team and is an herbalist and environmental activist. She graduated from University of Vermont in 2016 with a Bachelor of ...

Taking root: Project to plant trees connects VCU and Carver

Meaghan Caruso


Rotarians at Work Day