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JTC Valve sales carries both the ES and BK Series of Rego Extended

JTC Valve sales carries both the ES and BK Series of Rego Extended


JTC Valve sales carries both the ES and BK Series of Rego Extended Stem Cryogenic shutoff

JTC Valve carries Hi/Lo #Valves with Built-In Regulators know as BV

Diaphragm Valves | Industrial Diaphragm Valves

JTC Valve Sales carries #RegO® high quality #Cryogenic Fill Manifolds. Brazed or welded assemblies, they are ideal for the original equipment manufacturer ...

Acetylene #valves available at JTC valve sales are manufactured by #Sherwood to meet the highest standards that are internationally acceptable for ...

Alternative Fuel Valves - Buy Sherwood's Alternative Energy Valves

Diaphragm Valves - Stainless Steel Brass Diaphragm Valves

GVT Series - Vertical Outlet Acetylene Valves: JTC Valve Sales

430 Series - Master Shut-Off Valves

Shut-Off Valves - Extended Stem. Shut-Off Valves - Extended Stem. JTC Valve sales carries both the ES and BK Series of Rego ...

430 Series - Master Shut-Off Valves

630 Series - Master Shut-Off Valves

Retrofit Kits - Extended Stem. Retrofit Kits - Extended Stem. JTC Valve Sales carries Rego ...

Extended Bonnet Globe Valves - BK/BKA Series


HP9560 Series - HP9560 Series with CTFE Seat

1/8"; 158-165 F; Naval Brass

Chlorine Gas Valves - Robust Valves

CO2 Liquid/Vapor 450 psi. 1 in I.D. Polar Hose, Brass, 1

Bronze 206LL Series


The composition and components used to manufacture the REGO Globe valves are given special consideration for your safety. Nobody understands cryogenic ...

Bronze 202X Series


NR Series - Noise Reduction Relief Valves

Valves. Valves. JTC Valve Sales ...


Cryogenic - LNG Regulators, RG Series

DA Series - Bulk Vessel Safety Assembly Relief Valve, Diverter & Burst Disk

CGA540 Bail Handle Connectors - Female

CGA540 RPV - Bail Handle Connectors - Female

Cryogenic Fill Manifolds. Cryogenic Fill Manifolds. JTC Valve Sales carries RegO® ...

Extended bonnet kit for 9450 Series and 9460 Series


BV Series Valves

GV Series - Tapered Thread

Carbon Dioxide Cylinders. Carbon Dioxide Cylinders. JTC Valve Sales carries ...

LNG Check Valves NG Series

GVT Series - Vertical Outlet Acetylene Valves

Rego Automatic Changeover Regulators

Cryogenic Solenoid Valve, ASCO 8264G009 Liqued CO2 1/8 NPT 12 VDC

Ammonia Cylinder Valves

Cryogenic Relief Valves. Cryogenic Relief Valves. JTC Valve Sales ...

Cluster Valves - ASME Underground Propane Tanks

Refrigerant Cylinder Valves

Aluminum Pressure Regulators

GV Series Large Cylinder Acetylene Valves

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Valves

Acetylene Valves

Internal Valves for CO2 Service

Line Station Valves


GRPV Series - Residual Pressure Retaining Valves

Cylinder Valves - DOT Propane - Cylinder

Refrigerant Valves

Gas Check Valves

Line Valves

Chlorine Gas Valves - Ton Container Valves

GV Series - Manifold Valves

Industrial Gas Valves - Sherwood Gas Valves: JTC Valve Sales

Propylene Valves. Propylene Valves. JTC valve sales ...


Cylinder Valves - Vapor Withdrawal

Cylinder Gauges

GV-MRI Series, Global Valves for MRI Environment

Cylinder ...

Horizontal Check Valves 8500 Series

Flared Safeties are pressure relief devices with various PSI levels ranging from 3000 PSI to 5833 PSI. At JTC Valve Sales, we have flared safeties ...

1/4” SMC Solenoid Valve for MVE Cryogenic Freezers

Oxy-Gen I Series Oxygen Valves w/Integrated Regulators

Cylinder ...

ASCO/ RedHat Cryogenic Valve 8262G22LT (2 valves) ...

Chlorine Valves Packing Parts

MVHM Series - Monel Valves

Acetylene Cylinder Accessories

KV Series Valves - Post Medical Parts

Globe valve, 1/4" cryogenic Bestobell DN15MM

AV Series - Small Cylinder Acetylene Handwheel-Operated Valves

Bronze Swing Check Valve - 840/846M Series

Dip Tubes and Syphon Tubes

Combination Pressure Build/Economizers Regulators - CB Series Bulk Vessels

Specialty Gas Valves Parts

HD Gas Line Regulators - 1780 Series

Valve Repair Parts

Sparging units are used in the process of injecting a gas through use of a diffuser in a liquid. These devices have wide applications in the field of the ...

Stainless Steel Swing Check Valves 886/886M Series

Industrial Gas Valves

Hose Fittings and Accessories. Hose Fittings and Accessories. JTC Valve Sales carries ...

SVHM Series - Stainless Steel Valves

Float Gauges