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Know about frank castle aka Punisher the superb character from

Know about frank castle aka Punisher the superb character from


Know about frank castle aka Punisher, the superb character from Marvel Comics #thepunisher #


The Punisher: Frank Castle MAX Issue #21 - Read The Punisher: Frank Castle MAX Issue #21 comic online in high quality

Marvel The Punisher War Journel Comics

Punisher - frank-castle-the-punisher Wallpaper

Punisher Frank Castle sniper Marvel Comic Universe, Comics Universe, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel

Frank Castle Aka The Punisher

The leadership skills of Frank Castle continues to be tested by his Platoon but this time under attack by tons of Vietnamese troops, this will mark the very ...

Pin by Jay McEntyre on Punisher Netflix's | Punisher, Punisher netflix, Culture

The Punisher #227. July, 11

the punisher (frank castle / frank castiglione) - sniper by mike zeck Comic Book

He says "Welcome Back, Frank". That's a reference from the first Punisher miniseries written by Garth Ennis.

Another notable Marvel Comic character is Francis Castle or also known as The Punisher. An ex-US Marine and war veteran, Frank began a one man war on organ

The Punisher #218 (2017) TV Variant Cover The Punisher Tv, Punisher Netflix

Find out how Frank found his way into the WAR MACHINE Armor! PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES!

The Punisher/Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal/Marvel/Netflix)

Here is a good issue that reminds us that before all the retcon Marvel did in 2012 to the war origins of Frank Castle, he was a Vietnam veteran.

Jon Bernthal is superb as Frank Castle (Picture: Nicole Rivelli /Netflix)

Does Jon Bernthal as The Punisher on Netflix have you hungry for more Frank Castle action? These are the comics you should read next.

The Punisher was the first of the comic book anti-heroes. Frank Castle lost his wife and two children. That same day he died. Now there is only Punisher .

Marvel TV Adds New Characters To 'The Punisher' ...

Netflix Orders 'The Punisher' Marvel Series

FRANKEN-CASTLE PART 1 In the belly of New York, skulking and forgotten creatures of the night uncover the remains of a man in a familiar outfit. Frank ...

The Punisher #226

The great premise of this issue was the fight between the Punisher and Marvel heroes and it wasn't a disappointment! It was a great fight and one of the ...

For once we have the Punisher fighting against some of the toughest Marvel heroes and he isn't some sort of punching bag.

The splash scenes were good and every panel of the fight between Face and Frank was worth it. There were a few dark panels and like issue #14 I really liked ...

Comic Art: The punisher Punisher Characters, Marvel Characters, Comic Book Characters, Comic

Punisher Netflix, Culture

... Bucky Captain America Versus Punisher Cap. From top left to bottom right, Bucky Barns deflects and counters and finally suplexes Frank Castle, AKA.

The #Punisher #1 Marvel Comic Character, Marvel Characters, Comic Book Characters,

Punisher- Frank Castle lost his family to organized crime. Now he& paying the criminals back one bullet at a time. The ultimate anti-hero.

The Punisher--- Pencils by Mike S. Miller, Color by Teodoro Gonzalez

The Punisher - Frank Castle Marvel Saga, Punisher 2004, Punisher Marvel, Comic Books

Marvel MAX Frank Castle The Punisher 68 - Marvel release: Mar Writen by Duane Swierczynski. Art by Michel Lacombe. Cover by Dave Johnson.

Dr. STRANGE POSSESSES THE PUNISHER !!! ... KILLED THE HULK !!! °° | Superhero | Marvel, Marvel facts, Marvel comics

Promo Season 2 - Frank Castle/Punisher Daredevil 2015, Daredevil Elektra, Daredevil Season

The Punisher by alex-malveda.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Punisher Marvel,


Tagged with comics, the punisher, frank castle, comic book backstories; Comic Book Backstories: The Punisher

(Frank Castle aka The Punisher) "Painting the Town Red" by Cary Nord

Frank Castle Punisher, Comic Pictures, Comic Pics, Comic

from $0.99 - 1988 Daredevil #257 Versus The Punisher! Netflix Season 2 Starts March

In the most recent episode of LOS FANBOYS, we discussed the recent DAREDEVIL season two trailer, which showed Frank Castle (a.

Frank cell block Artwork by garnabiuth Frank Castle Punisher, Mundo Comic, Deadpool Wolverine,

Creative Casting: The Punisher. Everyone loves a good casting choice, but sometimes you can't help but envision your own choice for a character.

What Should Be Marvel's Next Netflix Series Be After The Punisher?

Punisher by Bryan Hitch The Punisher 2, Punisher Comic Book, Punisher Comics, Daredevil


The nose, the ears, the eyes, the fingers, the arms, the legs, the axe in the chest.. and you know... what's left of the human body?"

Frank Castle doesn't play around.

I Don't Know.

Mira Mesa violent crimes lawyer

The Punisher frank castle Defenders Marvel, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Characters, Marvel Dc Comics

Punisher (Frank Castle) | art by Steve Dillon Punisher Marvel, Marvel Vs,

... the upcoming season of Marvel's the Punisher what we know so far is what it comes from the source material and Amy Bendix is established character from ...

As some of you may also know, I'm truly excited because we'll be seeing the return of my all-time favorite comic-book vigilante, Frank Castle a.k.a. The ...

Punisher (Frank Castle) ~ art by John Romita Jr.

frank castle/ punisher matt murdock/daredevil text post Loki Marvel, Marvel Comics,

awesome Frank Castle sketch Castle Sketch, Netflix Marvel, Broken Wings, Extraordinary People,

Frank Castle (Castiglione) the Punisher 💀🔫🗡 ⚖ Daredevil Suit,

Frank Castle is dead by on DeviantArt

The Punisher (2004)


Coming up next week!

The Punisher by Brad Parker Comic Book Characters, Comic Books Art, Marvel Comic Character


A shout sheet has been released for Netflix's upcoming new Marvel Comics series, The Punisher, starring Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle.

"Welcome Back, Frank"

Don't Touch That Dial Now... Frank Castle PunisherLoki ...

The Geek Realm ✌🤓 on Instagram: “💀💀💀💀 "Punisher on the Throne" by Karla Ortiz @kortizart @sideshowcollectibles #FrankCastle #ThePunisher”

Platoon #2 was a blast and Garth Ennis once again just delivered an amazing story and show a Frank Castle in action for the first time with zero experience.

So, the "White Gloves" variant Marvel Universe Punisher's blister card reads "Frank

I like that Frank Castle is more willing to “fight fire with napalm” in dealing with the scum of the criminal underworld. So when Garth Ennis, writer god of ...

Marvel The Punisher War Machine Frank Castle

Punisher War Zone # 1 by John Romita Jr. Punisher Comics, Marvel Comics,

Quote from The Punisher 1x10 │ Karen Page: Do you really think Castle's the kind of guy who walks into a building he doesn't know how to get out of?

Marvel Comic Book Artwork • The Punisher By Francesco Mattina. Follow us for more awesome

Marvel's Daredevil by Berkay Daglar Daredevil Tv Series, Daredevil Art, Daredevil Matt Murdock,

There were Crossbones, Ghost and Taskmaster ready to take on the Punisher.

Amy Bendix took care of Frank Castle during "Suicide Run" saga, when Frank was hurt. During that saga, some criminals got to know Frank's whereabouts and ...


... the upcoming season of Marvel's the Punisher what we know so far is what it comes from the source material and Amy Bendix is established character from ...

Story by Garth Ennis / Art by Dougie Braithwaite

Thomas Jane plays the The Punisher as a broken man with nothing left to lose. He's completely given up on life, society and the system.

Jon Bernthal reprises his role as Frank Castle in 'The Punisher'

Frank's platoon is being cornered and Frank goes alone into a warehouse in "one man army" mode and wastes all the hostiles by himself.

Another reference but now for Punisher MAX. In comics version, this scene is when he's killing Microchip, they used the same shot when he's executing one of ...