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Neferkaure was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt during the First

Neferkaure was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt during the First


The cartouche of Neferkaure on the Abydos King List.

A stone head, most likely depicting Thutmose I, at the British Museum

Neferkare Pepiseneb (also Neferkare Khered Seneb and Neferkare VI) was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the 7th/8th Dynasty during the early First ...

Statue of Hatshepsut on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Qakare Ibi's cartouche on the Abydos king list.

The cartouche of Menes on the Abydos King List

Statuette of Pepy I (ca. 2338-2298 B.C.E.) wearing a nemes headdress

A fragmentary statue of Ahmose I, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Bust of one of the four external seated statues of Ramesses II at Abu Simbel

Statue of Akhenaten in the early Amarna style

Ancient Egyptian royal titularyAncient EgyptAncient Egyptian religionPrenomen (Ancient Egypt)Hedjet

Ancient Egyptian royal titularyAncient EgyptAncient Egyptian religionPrenomen (Ancient Egypt)Hedjet

Eighth Dynasty of EgyptSeventh Dynasty of EgyptEleventh Dynasty of EgyptOld Kingdom of EgyptQakare Ibi

Nomen and prenomen of Ramesses III

Granite sphinx of Taharqa from Kawa in Sudan

Nesi (Pharaoh) Amenhotep I - king of the Dynasty (after Seqenenre Tao II and Ahmose I), Son of Nesi (Pharaoh) Ahmose and Great Royal Queen Nefertari. Early ...

Ptolemy I Soter

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¨King Mer-sekhem-re Nefer-hotep Egypt, 13th and 14th Dynasties


Neferirkare (sometimes referred to as Neferirkare II because of Neferirkare Kakai) was an ancient. Egyptian Pharaohs ...

Statue of Khufu in the Cairo Museum

Head of Userkaf, recovered from his sun temple

Close-up view of Narmer on the Narmer Palette

An Pharaoh (king) of Egypt (Amenemhet ...

Ancient Egyptian art refers to the style of painting, sculpture, crafts and architecture developed by the civilization in the lower Nile Valley from 5000 BC ...

Queen Twosret (Tawosret, Tausret) was the last known ruler and the final Pharaoh

Limestone Probably carved at Herakleopolis Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Seti I

Comparison with other female rulers[edit]

Egyptian Art (3100 BCE - 395 CE)

Ancient Egypt: History & Mythology

Sekhemre Khutawy Sobekhotep - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ancient Aliens, Ancient Egypt, Historia

Neferkare Neby (also Neferkare III) was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the 7th/

Netjerkare Siptah

الدير البحري معبد حتشبسوت

Maaibre Sheshi was a ruler of Avaris in Lower Egypt during Egypt's fragmented Second Intermediate Period

The Temple of Amada: Oldest Egyptian Temple

Ramesses IIRamesses INineteenth Dynasty of EgyptSitreAbydos, Egypt


Pharaohs of the Eighth Dynasty of Egypt: Qakare Ibi, Neferirkare, Neferkare Pepiseneb,

egypt's reign | Rishi coffin of Sekhemre-Heruhirmaat Intef, on display at the Louvre

The king is portrayed wearing the royal nemes headcloth, the royal beard and the double crown, symbolizing his rule over Upper and Lower Egypt.

Pepi II

Pharaoh Siamun Neterkheperre or Netjerkheperre-setepenamun Siamun was the sixth pharaoh of Egypt during the Twenty-first dynasty.

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Cartouche of Thutmose IV Detail from a fragment.


Sanakhte. So now, we are back in Egypt and ...

The building of the great pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) in Giza -details of the chambers and shafts. lauren schug · % Egypt Pharaoh %

This article contains Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Egyptian ...

Greywacke statue of Menkaure, Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Pharaoh


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The First Intermediate Period,often described as a dark period in ancient Egyptian history,

Head of ruling pharaoh Sobekneferu

This is an early ancient Egyptian mirror. Considered together, several things help date it

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Sneferu was almost certainly married to Hetepheres I, who would have been at least his half sister, probably by a more senior queen, ...

Egyptian pharaoh

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Christian Orsenigo, Revisiting KV36: The Tomb of Maiherpri. In: KMT. A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt, 28/2 (Summer 2017), pp. 22-38

Les Extraordinaires Escaliers de Dendérah en Égypte - Vidéo Immersive. The Amazing Dendera Staircase in Egypt

Dwarf StatueCredit: Cairo MuseumThis statue was erected in honor of Seneb, an Egyptian dwarf

To the right, mounted in its original position on the back of a leopard,

The Twenty-ninth Dynasty of Egypt is usually classified as the fourth Dynasty of the Ancient Egyptian Late Period. It was founded after the overthrow of ...

Narmer. Narmer was a pharaoh of the 1st Dynasty in ...

Egypt: The Tomb of Siptah and (Possibly) Queen Tiaa in the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank at Luxor (ancient Thebes)

Ancient Egyptian scripts used to write Egyptian, an Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Egypt

Egyptian pharaoh

Merenre Nemtyemsaf II

Upper part of a statue of Khendjer from his pyramid complex. Cairo Egyptian Museum, JE 53368. Pharaoh

The Ancient World

Snefru, also spelled Sneferu (flourished 25th century bce) first king of ancient Egypt