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New Ledger Crypto Hardware Wallet Vulnerabilities Not Critical

New Ledger Crypto Hardware Wallet Vulnerabilities Not Critical


New Ledger Crypto Hardware Wallet Vulnerabilities Not

Ledger: Recently Discovered Wallet Vulnerabilities Not Critical

Ledger: Recently Discovered Wallet Vulnerabilities Not Critical

Research Team Demonstrates Hard Wallets Vulnerabilities, Trezor Promises Firmware Update

On Friday (28 December 2018), cryptocurrency security firm Ledger, the maker of the very popular Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet, explained via ...

The representatives of the Ledger said that the recently published vulnerabilities in their hardware wallets are not critical and do not bear danger to the ...

15-Year-Old Hacker Exposes Vulnerability in Ledger Hardware Wallet

15-Year-Old Hacks Hardware Crypto Wallet Ledger

Ledger: 'No 'Practical Vulnerabilities' Shown by 'Wallet.Fail' Researchers


These Developers Claim They Can Crack Any Hardware Wallet

Crypto Exchange Shapeshift Acquires KeepKey Hardware Wallets

Crypto Security Company Ledger Releases Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet

Crypto Software Firm Blockchain.com Launches Ledger-Powered Hardware Wallet

Read the full Article: Ledger: Recently Discovered Wallet Vulnerabilities Not Critical

A teen hacker exposed a hole in one of the crypto world's most secure wallets

Man working on the computer with bitcoin analyst software.

Ledger claimed that recently uncovered vulnerabilities in its hardware wallets are not critical in an official

The main principle behind hardware wallets is to provide full isolation between the private keys and your easy-to-hack computer or smartphone.

Ledger Releases New Wallet With More Memory, App for Mobile Management

Teenager Who Hacked Ledger Hardware Wallet Says Devices Still Vulnerable, Devs Deny

Wallet Developers Express Security Concerns Over BitPay's Payment Protocol Policy

Blockchain Releases Hardware Wallet Co-Developed With Ledger

Ledger Announces New Nano S Firmware – Researcher Says Update Now

15 year old Security researcher found vulnerability of Trezor and Ledger Nano hardware wallet - 2100 NEWS

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Startup Ledger Raises $7 Million

A Newly Launched Stablecoin You've Never Heard of Is Coming to Ledger

These Developers Claim They Can Crack Any Hardware Wallet

Battle of the Privacycoins: Why Dash Is Not Really That Private

Sony Unveils 'Multiple Application' Contactless Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Security Researchers Reveal Wallet Vulnerabilities on Stage at 35C3

The Secure Element chip prevents any interception or physical replacement attempt. Ledger devices are engineered to be tamper-proof."

This Team Showed Weak Spots of Ledger and Trezor Wallets (UPDATED) 101

These Developers Claim They Can Crack Any Hardware Wallet

Wasabi Wallet 1.0 Is Here to Make Bitcoin Transactions More Private

Latest Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack Highlights Need for Better Security Protocols

This post about Ledger cryptocurrency hardware wallet vulnerabilities is extremely cool, and not just for cryptocurren […]" Thread by @matthew_d_green: ...

Canadian exchange is working with local banks to help start "slow" withdrawal process.

Ledger: Las vulnerabilidades de la billetera recientemente descubiertas no son críticas https://

Battle of the Privacycoins: Why Monero Is Hard to Beat (and Hard to Scale

What we have found is that Ledger allowed enrollment of CustomCA keys to simplify the development process. Self-signed app therefore does not display a ...

Crypto Wallet Protection App Wants to Secure Your Wallets Against Malware

“Poof Goes Your Crypto”: New Demonstration Shows How Hardware Wallets Can be Broken Into

Bitcoin Core Upgrade 'Critical' for Everyone, Urge Developers in Bug Disclosure

These Developers Claim They Can Crack Any Hardware Wallet

The digital asset platform plans to make AML/KYC mandatory for all later this year.


Telefónica and Rivetz Add Civic's Identity Verification for Mobile Users

Google Policy Change Forces Bitcoin Wallet to Remove Security Features

White Hats Step In to Save Funds from Vulnerable Ether Wallets

How Decentralized Exchanges Make Bitcoin More Resilient (and Us More Free)

Binance Releases Demo of Planned Decentralized Crypto Exchange

The Blockchain Graveyard is a list of Bitcoin exchanges which have been hacked. It is growing constantly, not only sabotaging the general public trust in ...

In First Half of 2018, Japan Counts $540 Million Lost to Crypto Thefts

Congressional Committee Calls for Clearer Crypto Tax Code in Letter to IRS

Teenage British hacker exposes major flaw in best-selling cryptocurrency wallet | The Independent

Spark, a New GUI Lightning Wallet for Bitcoin, Now Available for Download

The Map Is Not the Territory: Rethinking Crypto as an Asset Class - CoinDesk

NOT my portfolio. I'm broke. This is just a screenshot from the Exodus website.

Ledger, cryptocurrency cold storage hardware wallet manufacturer, has released a new firmware update that enables a number of new features, ...

Exchange Says It Has Patched Security Vulnerability

There May Be (Some) Tax Relief Options if You Sold Your Bitcoin at a

Keepkey has similar features to Trezor and the Ledger hardware wallets.

These Developers Claim They Can Crack Any Hardware Wallet

The number will randomly generate for every single transaction. This gives an added layer of security to your cryptocurrency.

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift's CEO Says Move to Collect IDs Was 'Proactive'

7) Free Anti-Virus is Not Anti-Virus

Telegram's Privacy-Focused User Base Could Become TON Blockchain's Killer App

Safenet HSM PCI card in a rackable server (implementation for Ledger's firmware key management)

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IcyWallet Offers a Cold Storage Bitcoin Wallet for the Visually Impaired

Security Audit Firm Discovers Critical Vulnerability in EOS Smart Contract System

CoolWallet display

Hardware Wallets for Cryptocurrencies

Hardware Wallet Ledger Opens New York Office to Develop Institutional Custody Offering

Zooko: The Financial Industry Is Demanding Privacy for Blockchains

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Range-Bound Market Coiled for Next Move

Kryptowährungen: Auch auf seinen Bitcoin-Geldbeutel muss man gut aufpassen

BlackWallet Hacked: Warns Stellar Community Not to Log In to Site

This New Scaling Layer Could Make Payment Channels Ten Times More Effective

A 7-Year Legal Fight Led This Dev to Build Unstoppable Ethereum Storage

Binance Launches Multi-Account Feature for Institutional Crypto Traders

Firefox Plans to Block Crypto Mining Malware in Future Releases

Complete List - Bitcoin Friendly Countries for Cryptocurrency Businesses in 2018

NAGA Wallet: Cryptocurrency Solutions for your Success

Yes, there are real digital assets you can own.

With Forkgen, Anyone Can Now Create Their Own Bitcoin Fork (Even Us)

Gemalto and Ledger to Court Enterprises With New Cryptocurrency Wallet

Life's Code: Blockchain and the Future of Genomics

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