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Nothing would make me feel more accomplished in life than to spend

Nothing would make me feel more accomplished in life than to spend


Nothing would make me feel more accomplished in life than to spend 50 years or more

How To Be More Satisfied With Your Life – 5 Steps Proven By Research

If You're Too Busy For These 5 Things, Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think


When I wrote a recent post for Buffer titled 10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, I didn't even consider the possibility that ...

success quotes that will make you fearless and bold wisdom

You can be the greatest in your industry. You can become an expert. You can become a top writer, a best-selling author, a great programmer, ...

20 Things I'm Proud To Have Done

Start Doing These Things for Yourself to Transform Your Life in Less Than a Year

hard work quotes that will help you achieve more wisdom quotes

nothing makes you happy

The Simple Thing That Makes the Happiest People in the World So Happy

How to Say Goodbye to Guilt

... of the founders of Western philosophy, was once named the wisest man on earth by the Oracle of Delphi. When Socrates heard that the oracle had made such ...

How to Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself and Transform Into Your Best Version

Do you ever go to bed mad at yourself because you spent all day avoiding your most important goals? As creatives, we all have things we want to make, ...

You will feel more powerful and competent. You will get more done, faster than you thought possible. Eventually, you will become unstoppable.

This Is The Best Way to Overcome Fear of Missing Out

(borrowed from despair.com). I spent ...

We're starting a new series on the Buffer blog today with great tips and insights from Joel, CEO here at Buffer. Joel will share his ideas and insights ...

According to a study of 5,000 people by psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University, adults spend only about 50% of their ...

LOVE the Life You Have

Every year since 2005, I've spent the better part of a week in late December planning my life for the next year. Overall, this is probably the best decision ...

According to experts in cognition, mastering to-do lists has never been more important

Here are 10 ways to make the most of. “

I wish someone had told me .

Motivational Quotes: “You can't use up creativity. The more you use

How to Make a Relationship Last: 5 Secrets Backed by Research

Science Says Parents of the Most Successful Kids Do These 10 Things | Inc.com


This is what it's like to be dead, according to a guy who died for a bit

Readers will be surprised to hear that I wasn't always the charming, hilarious, and stylish personal finance expert they know now.

Motivational Quotes: "If you want to achieve excellence, you can. Quit doing

How To Overcome Sadness, Depression and Crippling Self-Doubt (Guest Post)

CREDIT: Getty Images

CREDIT: Getty Images


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... Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The perfect gateway drug into the addicting world of video games. I played it with my brothers, ...

The process of how to become a millionaire is not complicated. It could take 5

Motivational Quotes: “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.” 112 Motivational Quotes


Eight Goal Setting Mistakes Infographic

I'm autistic. I just turned 36 — the average age when people like me die.

5 Ways To Feel More Fulfilled In Life

9 Things That Will Prevent You From Reaching Your Goals (and How to Avoid Them) | Inc.com

Motivational Quotes: “All the money you could want is out there. All you

In the US and Europe, 500,000 patients have stents for stable chest pain, and there were a lot of questions about whether the devices actually alleviate ...

Motivational Quotes: “The best thing you can do is the right thing. The

#5 “ ...

Eric “The Hip-Hop Preacher” Thomas believes that accountability partners are crucial for success and his accountability partners changed his life:

Her mother grew up fairly well off herself, until she had to flee Hitler's Germany in 1936 and immigrate to Palestine. Merkin has memories of her mom's ...

A while back I got this question from an IWT reader about what to do if your family doesn't support you:

How to Be More Productive: The Right Way to Create a To-Do List | Greatist

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Many people will admit to being depressed before they'll talk about being lonely. They fear being judged as unlikeable, a loser, ...

Original photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Make long-term goals and make the steps that will get you to them part of your daily life.

It's okay to “let yourself be sloppy” when it comes to creating new habits. In other words, be specific in what you want, but also keep the flexibility ...

Teens Respond How They Would Change the World - Valley Morning Star : Fresh Ink

Don't worry, research can help. Shutterstock

Gun control that works — here are policies lawmakers should pass - Washington Post

Purpose will keep you on track and give you direction. Again, the no spend challenge isn't about getting people to stop buying for a year because buying is ...

A daily walk can help boost health and reduce social anxiety.