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Ok umm WTF Marvel Memes Funny og Funny

Ok umm WTF Marvel Memes Funny og Funny


Lmao wtf is this?? XD

Marvel Memes, hilarious Marvel Memes, funny Marvel Memes

I want SO BADLY for them to throw a "No shit Sherlock" in there xD < < < oh my god, that would be the best thing ever

30 Funny Captain America Memes #Captain America #Funny

Marvel Memes, hilarious Marvel Memes, funny Marvel Memes

Top 29 Funny Marvel Quotes and Pics #Marvel Memes #Funny quotes


Some really ordinary stuff resulting in Civil War and loki memes they are really getting hold of internet, some more latest and really hilarious Marvel ...

Top 29 Funny Marvel Quotes and Pics #Marvel Memes #Funny quotes

Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy

Avengers Memes, Marvel Memes, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Funny,

As a Marvel fan I see DC as bunch of folks trying to catch up to what Marvel has done cinematically. And it's full of destruction of th…

30 Funny Marvel Memes

20 Funny Photos for Your Monday #funny #memes

Literally 100 Of The Funniest Marvel Memes Of 2018

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You Got It, Bro!

Who Wants To Die!

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Marvel. '


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They don't even give a damn chance to troll their favorite superheroes over the internet. Check out the funniest Marvel memes ...

Lee and Kirby served up a thrilling brew of high-concept sci-fi, fallible protagonists, and scintillating copywriting.

The New Meme Is Eating Sugar and Telling Lies

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This feature was originally published on November 14th, 2007, by Bill and B. Holy Lord, Rob Liefeld is bad at drawing. I mean, holy shit ... I'll stop.


Occasionally, a genuinely earnest meme rises to the top. In April, Twitter users began copy and pasting a series of contrasting Unicode stars that bleed ...

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Thanos is one of us now…

2. Hellcow

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What Are Those?

Take It Back!

sexy meme of Blue nut button meme about the confusion surrounding the word Daddy and Dad

32 - A Friday Photofest For You To Feast Your Eyes On

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11) Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket

10) Evil Patrick Star

If there's a single social network built for fandom, it's Tumblr, the weird, indie(-ish) collaborative social network built upon obsession and iteration.

Marvel. '


hair hairstyle eyebrow forehead chin

Mean Tweets – Avengers Edition

Lifting weights is not bad for you in general, however, what the Marvel Strength and Fitness Guide neglects to tell kids as they lift a deadly metal barbell ...

White girl surrounded by black dudes with caption joking that they've seen this movie

Insensitive: The original meme features a character duping their mother to buy heroin. In

Drax is the funniest out there!

Remember this kid.


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But it's the principles of super-villainy that are important here and those principles clearly state that super-villains don't pay for shit. Ever.


(the TV series from which the new animated movie derives) is often a nuanced deconstruction of the superhero genre, revealing its heroes ugly flaws and ...

Marvel Memes On Tumblr!


Funny! The stunning transformation of Rick Harrison…

Then again, as we see below, Batman's got a weird thing about crotches. As in, he kind of really likes to emphasize and point at them.

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Funny Cartoon Logic Fails

25 Funny Tweets About Amazon Alexa That Prove There's Nothing Artificial About Her Intelligence


Defying the laws of biology, physics and perspective all at once. Impressive.

4. Marvel's ...


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"Take that Universal, now what you gonna do?!": Mark Ruffalo on his Hulk standalone movie plan



In this comic, X-Force leader Cable (worse than the previous leader, Network) and Domino (with the proportional strength and speed of Petey from Our Gang) ...

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Image via PBS

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37) Big Dick Energy

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less flamboyant Satan, but keep the heels.

Funny Cartoon Logic Fails


comicvine. Artistic integri-what now?

14 Bird Box Memes Worth Taking Your Blindfold Off For

Iron Fist Season 2 finale, Danny Rand (Finn Jones)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy clip - Dance Off Bro | HD

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