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Our bodies are designed to move not to sit slumped over a computer

Our bodies are designed to move not to sit slumped over a computer


Our bodies are designed to move, not to sit slumped over a computer all day

sitting. Our bodies are designed ...

8 Negative Effects of Bad Posture

Sitting position for good posture with woman sitting up straight typing on laptop.

Sitting At Your Desk: Try This Technique To Improve Your Posture | HuffPost Australia

why sitting too much hurts

The Correct Way To Sit At Your Desk

habits cause your neck pain

woman and man slumping over desk

Here's what I've discovered in my 2 year-long, research-backed quest to find the answers behind the 'Sitting vs Standing at work' debate.

Typically, the body tries to warn us before pain elevates to injury by giving us an ache in the overused muscle tissue, but for many of us, ...

Sometimes we'll feel pain if we are lounging back on a couch with our pelvis tucked under. Paying attention to practicing prolonged sitting in a more ...

Image: A woman sits at her desk

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Production staff on the weekly fashion magazine, Grazia edit the magazine in a temporary office

Spoiler: it's not pretty.

Are Standing Desks Really Healthier? 8 Things You Should Know Before You Renounce Your Chair

A man in a purple shirt sits at a desk with bad posture. The damage you do to your body by sitting ...

Ergonomics and good sitting posture.

Lose weight sitting sit up

Poor Posture From Sitting All Day Could Be Reversed With These 6 Simple Moves

Sitting Disease Statistics

Sloching is better for you

Common computer-related injuries


young brunette girl in a blue shirt is sitting in a cafe after work nelen/Shutterstock. The body ...


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Using a laptop can cause the spine to be stiff generally results in people adopting a

How you sit and use your body can affect the position of your baby in the uterus. While this does not matter so much during early pregnancy, later on it can ...

Using hands in body language

Movement Matters; Our bodies are designed to move, not to sit slumped over a computer all day. The less you move, the less blood sugar your body uses.

Slouching…So Wrong but it Feels So Right

good posture, improve posture

businessman working at laptop, sitting at desk

sitting all day

Image titled Deal With Computer Fatigue Step 2

Does your job require you to sit for 40 or more hours per week? If you're like the majority of Americans, the answer is yes. Hunching over a keyboard is all ...

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Man standing up in office stretching his arms and shoulders.

Slouching causes sharp pain in chest

Tweak your computer position

If Your Chair Hurts Your Back, Blame Technology, Then Try These Hacks : Shots - Health News : NPR

Leading with your chin

OLPC's $100 laptop was going to change the world — then it all went wrong - The Verge

Our bodies weren't designed to slump over computers, desks and steering wheels, nor to slouch in front of a television, watching sport instead of being ...

Negative Effects of bad posture on the body and mood

Which one are you?

Adjust your office chair

Sitting Time Impairs Health

Katy Steinmetz / TIMEThe ugliest low-budget standing desk

Are you sitting comfortably: the myth of good posture

Indoor portrait of smart busy woman, making notes while leaning on wall and sitting on

Our body holds us up. Share on Pinterest Design ...

Many of us sit hunched over our desks at work but this could be storing up

lakewood-colorado-chiropractic-posture-infographic Sitting ...

2. Sitting

Steven Ballmer, Microsoft's chief, in Las Vegas on Jan. 7. Microsoft will lose 5,000 workers, the first big layoff in its history.

Gesture chair with tablet

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There's that heavy weight, hanging over the edge, pulling at all those neck and shoulder muscles. The temptation to keep using these devices incorrectly is ...

Sitting at a desk with a straight back and feet flat on the floor will help

Even if your workdays consist of alternating between hunkering down over the laptop in a full Grok squat with perfectly neutral lumbar spine and standing up ...

Asian woman typing on laptop at stand-up workplace

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PART ONE: I Sit Most of the Day


10 ways to stay active at your desk job (and why your health depends on it)

Learn how the best ergonomic chairs for home can prevent offset the dangers of sitting.

Check out this comprehensive article on the basics of sitting

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Doing it the hard way!