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PEACE Stone Set is a powerful set of four genuine gemstones

PEACE Stone Set is a powerful set of four genuine gemstones


The PEACE Energy Set is a powerful set of four genuine gemstones specially chosen for their individual energies and properties that when used together bring ...

Pink Sapphire

Jewelry Yoga Adjustable 7 Chakra Bracelet + 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet Set with Lava Sones for

List Of Gemstones Found In Russia

January Birthstone - Garnet

amethyst - Four Peaks, Arizona

A selection of gemstone pebbles made by tumbling rough rock with abrasive grit, in a rotating drum. The biggest pebble here is 40 mm (1.6 in) long.


February Birthstone - Amethyst


Each of these crystals for wealth attract wealth, prosperity and success into your life. See which money crystal speaks to you the most!

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

Green Calcite

Yoni Egg Crystal Guide: Info, FAQ's & How To's

October Birthstone - Opal Tourmaline

The Beauty of Birthstones Connects Us All #GIABirthstones Birth Stones, Birth Stone Rings,

Engraved gem

December Birthstone - Blue Zircon, Tanzanite, Turquoise

Science of Stones: Ruby

Must-Have Crystals (although I firmly believe you will know the ones you need, this is good to know for adding to my collection!)

White Zircon, Cambodia

Crystal Healing Jewelry | Intention Jewelry | Handmade & Natural Gemstones

Untreated and Heat-treated Rubies

Alan Guisewite's Mineral Collection Images: Gemstones Page - Zircon A beautiful gemmy (though internally fractured) sky-blue zircon from Lam Dong Province, ...

chakra stones

heart chakra stone - rose quartz

Calming Crystals for Anxiety

Rubellite Tourmaline Stone

Kat Florence's Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline rings

These deep blue sapphire crystal rough pieces will all have different clarity and be cut into different carat sizes.

Early history[edit]

Photo by Stocksy / Stocksy

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Visit our Topaz Collection

A clear octahedral stone protrudes from a black rock.

Black Star Sapphire

Garnet is a perfect stone for the cold days of January. With its warm red hue, garnet is said to stimulate the senses and increase vitality.

Mining the small gems from these hard rocks is possible but very expensive, and many rubies end up broken during the mining process.

In other areas, aquamarine was credited with the ability to create harmonious marriages. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and the gem for the 19th ...

Aradhya Alloy, Crystal, Cotton Dori, Stone Jewel Set

Zircon Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

natural blue tanzanite


United States gemstones

List Of Gemstones Found In Russia

Chakra Opening Ritual to Reawaken Your Inner Rainbow

If large and prominent inclusions are located they greatly diminish the transparency, brilliance, and thus, value of the stone. Inclusions can also limit a ...

Natural Amethyst Rings

Emerald with Light Tone and Weak Saturation

5 Healing Crystals and gemstones for Beginners + their Powers, Meanings and uses. crystal

7 Chakras Dowsing Pendulum

With all this talk about smudging in ritual, what's really good? @earthspirit_alchemist hand

16th Anniversary Gemstone


Picture of a diamond.

Ruby Tumbled Stone Set (Extra Large)


Gemstone Evaluation

The Muriel Pendant

Aradhya Stone Jewel Set

... known as the 'Four Cs', a universal grading system established in 1939, and together they constitute one of these precious stone's unique fingerprint.

5 Crystals For Good Luck That Will Bring You All The Positive Vibes For The New Year

List Of Gemstones Found In Russia

7 Chakras Healing 108 Beads Bracelet

zircon rough and cut set - Sri Lanka ...

September Birthstone - Sapphire

Unique Natural Stones Teardrop Earrings

Spessartite garnet pendant

DonGuennie (G-Empire The World Of Gems) via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0

Ruby Burma Gemstone Ring

Tanzanite Among Other Blue Gems

rose de France amethyst


In short, purchasing a special gemstone creation is an emotionally rewarding investment and a decision that's not to be taken lightly.

Green Cobra Eye Stone Tibetan Charm Bracelet

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zircon rough and cut set - Sri Lanka oval brilliant-cut zircon - Sri Lanka

Selenite is powerful

Crystals for Health: Physical + Spiritual Wellness

There are periods of time where I've needed to bring in super-grounding crystals, like the Hematite, Nuummite and Black Tourmaline, rather than the lighter ...

Root chakra healing

Enamelled gold, amethyst and pearl pendant, about 1880, Pasquale Novissimo (1844–1914), V&A Museum number M.36-1928