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Related image Supers t Marvel Comic and Hero

Related image Supers t Marvel Comic and Hero


JENNIE AND THE FAMILY SUPERSOUL STONE • A villain now has her hands on a mystically powerful stone, and it's all Luke and Danny's fault!

Gosh Yes Alan Davis. Iron ManMarvel Comic CharacterMarvel ...

Deadpool #20 16/23 Marvel Heroes, Marvel Dc Comics, Cosmic Comics,

Medusa Marvel, Dc Comics Art, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Dc, Marvel Comics,

Excalibur (Vol.1) #9 Marvel Comics Chris Claremont NM- Marvel Comic

Deadpool #20 15/23 Best Marvel Characters, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Dc Comics

Avengers 017, variant

Deadpool #20 19/23 Funny Comics, Marvel Vs, Marvel Memes, Marvel


This is the second page of interior art from Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #2, drawn by Alan Davis.


Journey to the Deep!! The Agents of Atlas and the Sub-Mariner face not only a deadly attack.

Deadpool #20 13/23 Deadpool 2016, Deadpool Funny, Best Marvel Characters,

I got You found the most valuable comic book!! Can You Pick The Most Valuable Comic Book?

Indestructible Hulk comic issue 11 Hulk Comic, Hulk Marvel, Marvel Comics, Comic Art

Marvel Comics? The Difference Ain't What It Used to Be

Marvel Comics Digest 7

International Iron Man #6 Visions Black Panther Variant

9 Of The Best Cat-Themed Comic Book Characters For National Comic Book Day - CatTime

Every supers setting needs a supervillian who is the go-to guy to inspire dread in every superhero.

Silver and Bronze Age[edit]

Jungle Action[edit]

Marvel Universe

Deadpool #20 6/23 Marvel Heroes, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Dc Comics,

Marvel Comic Movies

Johnny Storm, The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four

Spidey is mighty Spider Man Facts, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Avengers

Valiant Entertainment has recently launched a future line of their comics called 4001 AD. My initial sampling was very favorable.

Image by Marvel Comics

I loved the Freedom Fighters growing up. There just weren't enough good stories about them to be found when I was a kid.

Captain America

Remembering DC vs. Marvel: The ultimate 'Who would win in a fight?' comic

Marvel Girl Power: 15 Marvel Female Superheroes That Could Destroy Wonder Woman

grilled cheese, Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Fantastic Four


Marvel Zombies

Kamala Khan (Earth-616)

The Apache Kid was an early attempt at Native Americans in Comics (1956)

Comic book superheroes: the gods of modern mythology | Books | The Guardian

My British pen pal and fellow supers-enthusiast Carrion Crow graciously invited me to take part in his annual “Forgotten Heroes” challenge.

No, this Tarantula isn't the villain that's had several different characters take up the mantle. Instead, this is a hero who appeared in the Ultimate ...

Découvrez « l'Été des Supers-Héros Marvel » avec Spider-Man, Captain America et bien d'autres !

Kilgrave Photo: Marvel, Netflix

The Boys (comics)

Captain Marvel Comic

Claire Temple

Reilly Tyne is a pretty interesting character, since he doesn't just have Spider-powers, but also a few special abilities.

Marvel Battle Lines Game Poster

Who the Jessica Jones Characters Are in the Comics and How They Connect to the Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics? – Thaddeus Howze – Medium

Our ever-growing list of new comic book movies on the horizon.

Dead Man Logan (2018) #3

3. Isaiah Bradley

1980s to 1990s[edit]

There's no Incredibles without the Golden Age's first superhero family

X-Men: Unstoppable (2019) #0


Doctor Strange (2018) #10

Color Your Own Captain Marvel (2019) #0

Thanos (Josh Brolin) and the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel Studios

Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

House of M

Top 100 Comic Book Heroes

Marvel Knights 20th (2018) #6

West Coast Avengers (2018) #7

Journey Into Unknown Worlds (2019) #1

True Believers: Conan - Resurrection (2019) #1


24 Spider-Man (Aaron Aikman)

Marvel Universe: Time and Again (2019) #0


20 Marvel Heroes We Still Need to See on the Big and Small Screens

The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #14

Who the Jessica Jones Characters Are in the Comics and How They Connect to the Marvel Universe

Who the Jessica Jones Characters Are in the Comics and How They Connect to the Marvel Universe

Natalia made her comic book debut in an issue of Mutant-X more than 15 years ago, but she's only appeared in a handful of issues.


Timely Publications, the company that would one day become Marvel Comics, approach to hero-making was somewhat different. Where DC showed gods in men's ...