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Simon Wilson Auckland can be city of dreams New Zealand

Simon Wilson Auckland can be city of dreams New Zealand


Quay St outside the ferry terminal could be reduced to two lanes of traffic with wider

Times Square in New York is the largest public urban space in the world - and

The creation of North Wharf was a triumph of creative determination. Photo / Jason Oxenham

Te Wero bridge at the Viaduct Harbour is going to be replaced because it's deemed too

... Waterview's Te Whitinga bridge follows a curved line linking Mt Roskill/Puketāpapa with Mt Albert

There was an opportunity to make work on the City Rail Link on Albert St an

... Auckland Transport, the Government and Ports of Auckland need to wrap their heads around the

Simon Wilson: Forwards and backwards with Auckland Transport

Simon Wilson: Designing a stadium fit for the Auckland waterfront - NZ Herald

NZ Super Fund wants to own and operate two of Auckland's light rail projects - NZ Herald

Auckland Design Office manager Ludo Campbell-Reid, pictured in 2011, says whimsical things

... aka the Tank Farm, could be the site of our greatest triumph

Auckland: Why have a waterfront stadium when you can build a car park and hotel instead? - NZ Herald

Simon Wilson looks at ways we can make Auckland a better city to live in.

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Simon Wilson: Stress testing the Auckland waterfront stadium proposal - NZ Herald

... For tomorrow's bright ideas, we shouldn't be afraid to borrow the best from

Simon Wilson: What's the real reason Mt Eden retailers are opposed to bigger bus stops? - NZ Herald

Simon Wilson: Grandstanding councillors aren't helping anybody - NZ Herald

Bold vision: Auckland's container port as envisaged by architectural firm Archimedia - NZ Herald

Photo / Doug Sherring NZME journalist Simon Wilson. Photo / Doug Sherring. NZME journalist Simon Wilson. Photo / Doug Sherring. NZ Herald

Simon Wilson: Is it true Auckland has lost a third of its trees? - NZ Herald

Simon Wilson's 6 things to fix Auckland: Do you offer Auckland voters a better option? - NZ Herald

Photo Early morning commuters at the Albany park and ride carpark on Auckland's North Shore. Photo

Council worried about Government plans for port - NZ Herald

... Markings spray-painted on Albert St before it was dug up for the City Rail

Can Auckland build a new stadium, 12 years after passing up a stadium for the Rugby World Cup - NZ Herald

Simon Wilson: Parker v Goff - The first race of Auckland's America's Cup - NZ Herald

Simon Wilson: The extraordinary incompetence of Auckland Transport - NZ Herald

Simon Wilson's Cancer Diary: Part two - A urethra runs through it - NZ Herald

Photo / Supplied Auckland Council's new vision statement looks forward to the city of 2050. Photo / Supplied

Simon Wilson: Why do bicycles provoke such a flamethrower of fury? - NZ Herald

Close High street off to cars. Photo/Brett Phibbs

Simon Wilson's Northcote Notebook: Young Maori men to the fore - NZ Herald

Big new spending plans for transport, roads and buses in Auckland - NZ Herald

Simon Wilson: How will Auckland find another good boss for the Art Gallery? - NZ Herald

Simon Wilson: New hope for rough sleepers as Auckland City Mission new building begins - NZ Herald

With mixed development, you can't always tell which dwellings are social housing,

Simon Wilson: Auckland's port has to shift but where will it go? - NZ Herald

We need to look at the village model, with shared communal spaces. Photo /

Simon Wilson's 6 things to fix in Auckland: Bike lanes are just the beginning - NZ Herald

... Act Party leader David Seymour is widely liked but he can't lift the party

Simon Wilson's Northcote Notebook: Labour closes gap in Northcote byelection and Act wants six-lane motorway and bridge at Pt Chevalier - NZ Herald

Auckland: New Zealand's largest city as seen from the suburb of Kingsland

Simon Wilson: The map that will solve Auckland's broken transport system

Artist's impression of the proposed new carpark building seen from the Sky Tower. Photo /

Photo / supplied Founder of Metro magazine, and its pioneering editor, Warwick Roger. Photo / supplied

The best stadium proposal yet deserves the best political leadership yet - NZ Herald

Experiment with reduced fares as well as improved services. Photo/Michael Craig

The New Zealand Herald Simon Wilson: Auckland can be city of dreams – if we dare. Ports of Auckland Future Master Plan

Event organisers Simon Wilson and Sam Hopkinson want to increase the profile of polo in Wellington

35 Graham St in the central city.

Auckland could learn from the French development. Photo / Getty

Simon Wilson: Auckland's port has to shift but where will it go? - NZ Herald

Illustration / An artist's impression of the Hundertwasser Art Gallery in the Whangarei Town Basin. Illustration /

Banning cars from driving through town. Photo/Dean Purcell

Why is Auckland slowly strangling its art gallery? Simon Wilson ...

Regulators need to catch up with the small home movement. Photo / John Borren

Council votes to trial turning central Auckland into a car-free zone - NZ Herald

So: Te Atatu to Takapuna Beach by train. Henderson to the airport with one change. Orewa to the airport with no changes at all. The Western Line to the city ...

Metro Auckland urban design

Why don't we build ourselves a magnificent Museum of the Sea at Wynyard Point

We saw the basalt wall mentioned back in November

Simon Wilson: Papatūānuku and the trick of standing upright on Bastion Point - NZ Herald

Simon Wilson's Northcote Notebook: Coffee with National's candidate Dan Bidois - NZ Herald

"My view of Goff is that he is facing the right way but seems curiously

Submissions on marine research facility proposal close in a week - NZ Herald

You would think that while Jacinda Ardern takes time out to properly introduce baby Neve to the world opposition leader Simon Bridges would be striding ...

What will Simon Wilson be promoting next: emergency service rickshaws? It's called 'the golden hour', not 'the golden three hours', for a reason.

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Unfortunately, there's no news on whether an entrance at Beresford Square will yet be provided in the plans like it should be. Wilson states “What is a ...

... Soot or 'black carbon' is something to be aware of in Auckland's Queen St