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Spilled Milk Podcast Cabbage Stir Fry VegetarianBeansLentils

Spilled Milk Podcast Cabbage Stir Fry VegetarianBeansLentils


Spilled Milk Podcast - Cabbage Stir Fry

Red lentil curry with spinach in a bowl with spoon

About eight months ago, Nick welcomed the 40s and life served up a reflux and elevated cholesterol problem. It was like a switch being flipped.

This dal recipe is vegan but full of hearty protein thanks to the chickpeas, lentils

I was blown away by your response to my first meal prep post yesterday. Thank you for all your emails and messages. It makes me very happy to be able to ...

Episode 282: Arugula

Red lentil curry with spinach in a bowl with spoon

Okra Masala Stir-Fry

... Red lentil curry with spinach in a bowl with spoon

... Butter Boy® Corn Butterer ...

White Bean Shakshuka with Feta

Episode ...

A few years ago, I started converting a lot of our regular traditional meat recipes to vegetarian (often vegan) flavour packed versions.

The quantity below will make enough for two people. I like to have my portion with a cup of steaming miso soup on the side and occasionally an egg scrambled ...

PDX event tix

Spilled Milk by Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton on Apple Podcasts

Eating Asian food at restaurants can be quite a challenge if you are vegetarian (or vegan). But especially restrictive and unhealthy if you have an ...

One hour spiced eggplant lentil stew | vegetarian and gluten free

To celebrate, we take a field trip to that Narnia of restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings aka B Dub Dub. McKayla and Buff Ranch lead us to consume drumettes, ...

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28 Day Vegetarian Meal Plan

These dishes have one very important thing in common: Spooned from Tupperware in the early-morning hours, each of these suppers makes a stellar second ...

Indian Curry with Chickpeas, Cauliflower, Spinach, Tomatoes, and Coconut Milk

This cauliflower fried rice is great on its own but even better as part of a larger meal. It is important to note that you can't eat this whole amount by ...

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I know that it's almost Thanksgiving, and that I'm supposed to be talking about cranberries or what to eat with your turkey, and that you and I both have ...

white navy beans - Sadly, not really LEAP friendly since cooked in untested Kombu seaweed

Mushrooms are a constant fixture in my fridge. I have always loved mushrooms for their umami flavour and their ability to cook instantly.

Matthew Break Dances

black salsify roots with beluga lentils & sesame kale + miso tahini dressing

I have recently started listening to podcasts while I cook each week. As I mentioned before, I am a slow adopter to technology, and have been pleasantly ...

Spiced Yogurt Cauliflower Stir Fried

What's for supper? Vol. 157: Banh mi, banh you (uh-hunhhhhh)

The 8-Hour Black Bean Soup with Cashew-Lime Sour Cream

What's for supper? Vol. 156: New youd, new food!

Beans: Eat Better for Less | What's Cooking

Cabbage gets no respect, which is a shame—it could be the most versatile vegetable on earth. From the delicate leaves to the sweet, crunchy core, ...

Premium Select Dry Navy Beans - Blue Runner Foods

Pulled Pork with Shredded Cabbage & Homemade BBQ Sauce

Then inverted a plate on top of the pan, and flipped the contents of the pan onto the plate. Then sliced into quarters, and each quarter into thirds. Oila!

Balsamic vinegar with chicken, grean beans, carrots, tomatos

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps Sweet And Spicy Chicken, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Pineapple

Zuni Cafe Polenta recipe

Zoodles primavera is a creamy and delicious recipe, perfect for weeknight dinners! It's extra

Well, it's February and everything is terrible. That's my excuse for letting things languish around here. Someone spilled something on my computer again, ...

And last week, I made spinach and green garlic soup twice. Somehow, we still aren't tired of it, so I bought another bunch of green garlic, the one in that ...

Pasta with Salmon and Leeks: Quick and Easy Meal

Fried Halloumi Lentil Salad

It's technically a one-pan meal,


Here is what I do: at the top of the sheet of paper, I write CRAP I LIKE TO EAT. You can write whatever you want, but I find this to be ...

Tibetan Purple Barley Salad with Blueberries from the Grain Gathering


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon and Schuster Canada for providing me with a free, review copy of this book. I did not receive monetary ...

This Paleo Asian Stir Fry is packed with the perfect amount of sweet and salty with

Episode 321: Handheld Meat Pies


What's for Supper? Vol. 155: I didn't get a fa la la out of that guy!

Episode 294: Baby Snacks https://uploads.fireside.fm/images/d/db9cceee-7f98-4ca9-a21a-22e75fbd1f29/RFxg7XC-.jpg

Savory Tomato Cobbler with Vegan Cheddar Chive Biscuit topping! Delicious, hearty and perfect for

Red lentil curry with spinach in a pot with spoon ...

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And now those chickpeas are ready for their biggest trick—one that ordinary beans and lentils cannot perform: Browning. Yes, this is the real reason I love ...

So, the butternut squash has been hanging around my kitchen for a good six weeks now, starting balefully at me and sending out almost-audible hoots of ...

This is more beans ...

Utter madness ensues ...

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Episode 252: Peppercorns. Cracked or ground? Today we've got a peppercorn to grind while we discuss Italian playboys, pink poison and Sprockets.

who can say what? (I mean obviously that is hummus and bean salad, but there were mysteries sprinkled throughout.) The guy running it was also immensely ...

Jeannette Ordas of Everybody Likes Sandwiches on The Dinner Special podcast talking about make do cooking

Reusable Parchment Paper

Oh, and I ran out of cucumbers, so I made the slaw with just carrots, cabbage, and Asian pear, with a simple dressing of rice vinegar, oil, sriracha sauce, ...

Because that is the beauty of this broth, its versatility, its backdrop abilities, its Abbott to the vegetables' Costello.

Kid Friendly Veggie Loaded Lentil Fried Rice (plant based and oil free)

Then there was this.

Such a simple, satisfying meal. We made the mashed potatoes in the morning and then heated them up in the microwave at dinner time.

Hashtag no filter! Take that, January evening with wet ice falling out of the sky!

Cabbage + Carrots, Golden and Melting adapted from Hot Bread Kitchen, by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez

The Ultimate Winter Couscous

Seek Assistance from the Spice Cabinet

Red Lentil and Spinach Masala {Video}

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Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Recipes and How to Develop a Healthy Morning Routine

Anyway, I'd been thinking about that a lot lately, and then I saw, in the New York Times, that Mark Bittman was writing about polenta.

And so—with sincere apologies to those who maybe thought I'd return with cookies, or cake, or anything even somewhat celebratory—I bring you cabbage.

Then, the folks back at Roost Books decided that they would publish both Sarah's book, Feeding a Family, and my book, Simple Green Suppers, on the same day.

Plate of vegetarian pad see ew in Bangkok

Also present on the current CILTE list is chickpea salad, and braised greens with chickpeas and garlic. There is also roasted broccoli with shrimp, ...


I tend to use Persian cucumbers, but you can use any kind of cucumber you have on hand! This is just a great way to use an old veggie in a new ...

America's Test Kitchen: Can you make a flaky and crisp deep-dish pizza at home? Sure | Food and Cooking | nwitimes.com

Protein Veggie Pasta, Pouched Tuna w/ Rice & Beans, Pumpkin Spice Cereal

tomato cacao pasta with chickpea veggie scramble

Anyway, around thirty minutes later, what you'll find is a tangled, fragrant, steaming slump of collapsed veg. The cabbage will by now be golden, ...