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Stfu they drained my account me t Accounting

Stfu they drained my account me t Accounting


Stfu they drained my account

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STFU Hypocrisy

So, eventually they understood a lot of SO users are assholes. 😁

Accountants are true lifesavers and if you are an Excel hack guru or run solely on coffee to get tax returns done then we have the perfect items for you!

Email Sequences Gated Webinar Graphic (Brianna Dec18) - Steli Version

Over the course of the next 18 hours, I engaged in a lot of comment wars and lost FOUR THOUSAND followers. FOUR THOUSAND. I've never experienced that ...

When I click on your Microsoft word icon, You again ask me to install Android app for Microsoft word. Seriously fuck you Microsoft and your shitty apps!

The end of the standoff did not mean that everything for Tezos was looking bright. The lawsuits had been consolidated and a lead plaintiff selected.

Thank you people be like scroll past if you don't love jesus like stfu Jesus know I love him a dm no post gon define my love for jesus

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Just stfu you stupid ignorant mbti thing and don't tell me I'm bad.

If you're a web developer and you create a login system like this, please commit rm -rf /

Looking ownself as a total jerk and trying to improve it is probably the hardest task a guy can get in my opinion.

Lol, draining the swamp? Considering it most all republicans leaving, we can only

Fuck you Google and Fb 🖕🏼

Just because your audience is 80% women does not mean they'll like a so-called “feminist” post.

Plaintiff's attorneys may want to check out the name below and call her to the stand in regards to the interoperability grant. They should ask her whether ...

MoS2 Template Master

... inquiries from inventors who are interested in contingency fee representation. This happens every so often, which leads me to dust off this article and ...

I Love The Sound You Make When You Shut Up - Wood Box Sign for wall hanging, table or desk .

But here are some polls from the past few years. They're all on slightly different things, but I think together they tell an interesting story:

Are we on the cusp of the next recession? Citigroup “clients” say not even close (Figure 7). I think we are staring into the abyss.

People REALLY don't like Barack Obama.

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…and opposition to deporting illegal immigrants.

American, rock band, Butthole Surfers, guitarist, Paul Leary, drummer, King


The things abusers say and do vary, but there is a commonality you can count

This be pilfered from r/adviceanimals

In Donald Trump's first four years as president, he will not only choose three judges for the Supreme Court, he'll also pick five of the seven members on ...

A key figure here has been Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, a Mitt Romney-style open-borders social conservative who is retiring from politics at the ...

Gary in Accounting – 3.2/5 stars. “He can't read emails for shit, but he'll occasionally bring in donuts for everyone.”

Support for global free trade mysteriously spiked around 2016.

Cross Pinar Dunas San Antón - 24 de Enero de 2016


A few weeks ago, on a Saturday night, after a couple of drinks and some nostalgic feelings, I Instagrammed the below photo and caption:

One day in the spring of 2010, Kathleen McCaffrey, a sophomore at New York University, received an invitation from a stranger named Arthur Breitman.

The Times was told that the spies found the source of the nerve agent. But the front-page piece is extremely vague and makes little sense:

I've always been a private person (even when I'm not blogging incognito on this blog) and I was really unhappy about the practices of Facebook where they ...



You Don't Understand Me for the Same Reason Couples Divorce. Some things simply get lost in translation. (Image/funcage.com)

Anti-vaxxers have embraced social media. We're paying for fake news with real lives

Hope you found this interesting! And thanks a lot for bringing me to 2^15. I really appreciate it ♥️

Vostok ice core data

Want to add to the discussion?

Now, after I'd said, yes, but I don't understand your question, I sat here for around 30 seconds scratching my head and balls trying to work out what she ...


Dysgenics and Low Creativity: Why China Can't Save Civilization, by Lance Welton - The Unz Review

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO Resonator 1.jpg, ...

I want to smoke what they smoked while writing it. Part 2 in next rant 😂

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO Resonator 4.jpg, ...

The diurnal (day-night) cycle in the top few metres of the ocean. From Nick Stokes' blog Moyhu. NB. The two panels have different scales on the x-axes ...

Desperately trying to trick myself into doing some work > Harry Potter And The Role Of Accounting In Public Expenditure And Monetary Policy In The First ...

... up you prick. 40 -FADE BACK OUT, BACK IN HOSPITAL ROOMJESSE So..When are you

It was by far the biggest ICO to date, and Gevers was ecstatic. “TEZOS RAISES RECORD-BREAKING $200 MILLION IN THREE DAYS,” he tweeted, “giving it the ...


DB Cooper News: Flap over letters sent to FBI makes headlines nationwide | The Mountain News – WA

The 7 Things I Learned After Instagramming a Photo of Obama & Losing 4k Followers - Emily Henderson

Graphs showing tax rates and GDP growth over time

... that for no good reason disconnect after half an hour and require me to restart NetworkManager to (hopefully) get shit connected again.

Also, this was in my spam folder, did they use css to make that picture show, individual pixels??

Hey girl, a new study says looking at Ryan Gosling memes increases men's feminist feelings. fans, do you have a favorite Ryan Gosling feminist meme?

Top telemarketing techniques

and you ae dismayed that merely a few are OUTRAGED at being repeatedly mislead by your kind as we suffer “just a nother decade and we'll know!”

quentin tarantino

This is the power of the State using Google as a stalking horse. (I capitalize state to get you to say, "Oooooh" and shake with fear.)


alt-right-unhinged copy

Median new home sales price in the U.S. versus number sold and versus home ownership rate.

But how many of those investors will ever see a decent return on their money, other than the warm glow of owning a small slice of the maker of their ...

A ...

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The Alarmist Radiative Greenhouse Effect's Final End | Climate of Sophistry

... plugged the yawning pension gaps instead (vide infra), but such contributions would have to be expensed, lowering earnings and, stay with me here, ...

Reversing the Descent of Man

Is there any more real truth you'd like me to show you. Or, as I suspect, all you want is the alt type. The endlessly perpetuated myth of the “1930's were ...

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This fucking router thinking it can just inject itselft and redirect into any fucking page that it wants..my fucking bank account?

Our project board, so we know what to buy during the rare times we have money

Musician's Survival Guide to a Killer Record

Booty continues to do the most. I wouldn't doubt she was the one that leaked.

Median new home sales price in the U.S. versus number sold and versus home ownership rate.

Colonization By Indian Leftists—The Downside Of “Merit-Based Immigration”, by Jesse Mossman - The Unz Review



The irony of course is that we need some kind of compromise. We need to be a society of laws rather than a society of men, but a society of laws that ...

... 2016 2016-1624.jpg ...

Joanna Andreasson

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