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The 1990s was a great decade for the proliferation of supercars

The 1990s was a great decade for the proliferation of supercars



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Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini has introduced a new concept for an electric supercar of the 'third millenium' which it developed in cooperation with ...

Capstone CMT 380 Hybrid uses turbine engine to charge batteries. Yes, this car sounds like a jet.


Engine Bay Photo-Aston Martin-DB9 GT

Ferrari's F40 could very well be the icon car from the late 1980s/early 1990s proliferation of mid-engine exotics. It debuted in 1987, and was the last car ...

Partnering with Chrysler to co-market the car as the Talon and Laser helped boost sales and spread costs.

The KTM X-Bow GT4

Over the past 10 years we have seen the releases of hundreds of cars. Some, like the Jeep Compass, have been flat-out offensive, while others, ...

Ferrari's 288 GTO (left) may have looked similar to the 308 GTB also seen in this photo, but under the skin they were quite different.

Mercedes 60hp

Will Sabel Courtney

What It's Like to Drive Stupidly Fast and Expensive Cars for the First Time

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Dubbed as the future of the super sports car by Lamborghini, the concept was developed with energy storage systems, innovative materials, propulsion systems ...

Take A Closer Look At The GT1 Racing Icons Of The 1990s

Electric Vehicles Proliferate, but Prove a Tough Sell

Lone Survivor: 1995 Ferrari F50. “

Although it certainly seems impressive and it carries the famous prancing horse badge, the F355 wasn't actually all that powerful ...

You Can Import These 5 Awesome Cars Today

Ferrari's 288 GTO was the car everyone wanted, but only 272 were made. But the company had an awfully good consolation prize—the Testarossa that was ...

McLaren crosses 15000 car production milestone

The 10 Best Ferraris Of All Time

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The malaise the exotic car industry suffered for a decade-plus was almost instantly eradicated in 1984 when Ferrari introduced its twin turbo, ...


Lamborghini Countach

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McLaren is a name synonymous with some of the fastest and most powerful cars on the planet. This British automaker runs its operation out of the McLaren ...

Speaking of V12s, Leiters is very positive that big, non-turbo engines have a bright future at Ferrari. He says the 780hp unit in the nose of the 812 ...

German automakers BMW, Audi and Mercedes break with traditional Teutonic luxury; shrink models and build more cars abroad - The Economic Times

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It is untrammeled automotive bliss!

1970 Plymouth Superbird

ferrari-fx-Paul Barshon-optimized-jpg-02

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Ferrari 250 GTO

1990 Acura NSX

In the late 1970s Japan dipped its toe in the mid-engine exotic waters with the intriguing Dome Zero, which became known as the P2. In the early 1990s a ...

Inside James Dyson's all-or-nothing quest for an electric car

Frano Ožbolt

The supercar's most interesting feature is however that it could potentially self-heal, locating small cracks and damages in its hull before they spread.

Lamborghini's successor for the Countach was the Diablo that debuted in 1990. Over the next 10+ years there were several variations; seen here is the Diablo ...

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... is not totally surprising that Lamborghini has decided to eschew turbocharging for the time being. This one shoots blue flames out of its tailpipes too.

2015 ...

Rather than using conventional batteries, the all-electric Lamborghini concept is powered by supercapacitors. This set up allows the Terzo Millenio to ...

Rather interestingly, despite most car enthusiasts knowing what a Lamborghini is, less than 30,000 Lamborghinis have been sold since the brand was created.

... Aston Martin DB9 ...

Will Sabel Courtney

Will Sabel Courtney

Exactly one year ago we have signed an agreement with the MIT-Italy Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which marked the start of a ...

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Inside the Bugatti factory, at the end of the EB110 production line. The car featured a quad-turbo 3.5-liter V12 and all-wheel drive, and was good for 210 ...

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Ferrari: 'Ring records and F1-engined road cars aren't for us* | Top Gear

Lotus Elise chases Exige on track ...

Bizarre seized 'supercars' in government auction

Likewise, the gap between 'regular' sports cars and true supercars is growing these days. Back when The Fast and The Furious was released, the stock Supra ...

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