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The Mystery of the Milky Ways Spiral Arms Dark Matter May Be the

The Mystery of the Milky Ways Spiral Arms Dark Matter May Be the


The Mystery of the Milky Way's Spiral Arms --"Dark Matter May Be the

An artist's impression of the Milky Way galaxy. The dark matter halo, shown in

'Hypervelocity Star' May Reveal Clues About Dark Matter in Milky Way

Most modern spiral galaxies, such as NGC 1300, are thought to have loads of dark matter in their outer regions. NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team ...

impression of the expected dark matter distribution around the Milky Way

Viewed from above, we can now see that our gaze takes across the Perseus Arm

The corrugated galaxy: Milky Way may be much larger than previously estimated

Galactic murder mystery solved? Mysterious dark matter killing galaxies, say scientists

Largest virtual universe may help solve dark matter mystery. Euclid, CSCs, Joachim Stadel, Milky Way, Universe, virtual galaxies, PKDGRAV3

Mysterious Glow at Milky Way's Center Could Be Dark Matter or Hidden Pulsars

dark matter

A Hubble Space Telescope image of the galaxy NGC 1052-DF2. Distant galaxies are

Tachyons may explain dark matter, dark energy and the black holes at the core of

A spiral galaxy like the Milky Way, called NGC 6384 and in the constellation of Ophiuchus, viewed in close-up by the Hubble Space Telescope.

With astronomers studying galaxies at the edge of the observable Universe, you might think our own Milky Way Galaxy has no secrets left to hide.

A dark matter hurricane is headed our way

The spin of extremely old and distant galaxies shows they are dominated by regular matter rather than the dark stuff. Cathal O'Connell reports.

The spiral galaxy NGC 4736, which lies 15 million light years from Earth, does


Mass of Dark Matter Revealed by Precise Measurements of the Galaxy. Credit: NAOJ

Three years ago researchers were excited to find that a galaxy at the heart of cluster

'White Holes' May Be the Secret Ingredient in Mysterious Dark Matter

Scientists discover a 'dark' Milky Way: Massive galaxy consists almost entirely of dark matter

Viewed from afar, the Milky Way might appear similar to the galaxy known as NGC 7331. R. Jay GaBany/NASA

Fire wheel: The Milky Way system, called galaxis, resembles a gigantic spiral with an estimated 200 billion stars. One of them is our sun.

The Milky Way – our own, sometimes very visible galaxy – seen over Northumberland International

Missing dark matter located: Intergalactic space is filled with dark matter

... dark matter model overlaid. Credit: NASA, ESA, D. Harvey (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland), R. Massey (Durham University, UK), the ...

Can dark matter vanquish a rival theory?

Dark matter that talks to itself could explain galaxy mystery

Artist's conception of the Milky Way galaxy. Credit: Nick Risinger

Ancient Dark-Matter Storm --"Heading Towards Our Sun" (A 2018 Most Viewed) | The Daily Galaxy

Unexpected interaction between dark matter and ordinary matter in mini- spiral galaxies

Mass of Dark Matter Revealed by Precise Measurements of the Galaxy

Bright Spiral Galaxy M81 One of the brightest galaxies in planet Earth's sky is similar in size to our Milky Way Galaxy: big, beautiful M81.

Ho New / Reuters. “

Milky Way. Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Galaxy cluster with dark matter denoted in blue. Smithsonian Institution. Credit: Flickr Commons, CC BY-SA. Physicists trying to understand the ...

Spiral galaxy M74 holds 100 billion stars. Oddly, stars at its outer edges rotate with the same velocity as those closer in, suggesting the influence of a ...

The bullet cluster. Credit: NASA/CXC/M. Weiss

The Milky Way Galaxy is organized into spiral arms of giant stars that illuminate interstellar gas

The stars are the ancestors of the ones that give us light and life on Earth

Science · Scientists might have found a ...

The Andromeda galaxy and its companions is challenging the very foundations of cosmology. Adam Evans/Wikimedia Commons

Rotation curve of spiral galaxy Messier Triangulum. Credit: Mario De Leo/wikipedia, CC BY-SA Beyond dark matter. The mystery of what dark matter actually ...

Lookalike: The centre of spiral galaxy, NGC 253, hosts a twin of Sagittarius

A high-speed hurricane of dark matter is currently hurtling through the Milky Way -

Dark Energy Survey reveals most accurate measurement of universe's dark matter. This image of the NGC 1398 galaxy ...

Vera Rubin Didn't Discover Dark Matter

New Theory States Milky Way Might Be a Giant Wormhole

Taken by Prosper Henry, This photograph of the Ring Nebula in the constellation Lyra shows but a three-degree section of the firmament, light-years from ...

New theory of gravity might explain dark matter


A breakthrough using data from the Gaia-ESO project has provided evidence backing up theoretically predicted divisions in the chemical composition of the ...

dark matter GETTY. The mystery of dark matter may ...

The Milky Way

A spiral galaxy with blue/purple dust in its outer arms and reddish dust in

... the middle of our galaxy. Milky Way, artist's impression

... a mystery. Galaxy cluster Abell 2744 with dark matter map. Credit: NASA, ESA, D. Harvey (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland), ...

White holes, which are theoretically exact opposites of black holes, can make up a significant portion of the mysterious dark matter that is supposed to ...

--Magnetic Fields May Reveal Evidence of Dark Matter | The Daily Galaxy

In spiral galaxies such as NGC 6946, researchers found that a 1-to-1 relationship between the distribution of stars plus gas and the acceleration caused by ...

The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51a) and companion galaxy (M51b). This Hubble Space

Galaxy without any dark matter baffles astronomers

What is dark energy? Cosmology is the ...

Start the Quiz. black hole particles escaping

Scientists have imaged a "transparent" galaxy that may have no dark matter.

Dark matter is a no show in ghostly galaxy

The Pinwheel Galaxy (M101), as seen in an optical image taken by the

A schematic representation of the Milky Way Galaxy. On the left is the face-

The Big Deal About Dwarf Galaxies

Milky Way Galaxy spiral arms - based on WISE data.

New research on X-rays coming from the Perseus galaxy cluster may shed light on mysterious dark matter.

This picture shows ALMA antennas pointing towards the centre of the milky- way. (Photo: ESO, B. Tafreshi)

We know even less about dark matter than we thought, scientists find. There's far more of the ...