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The time people spend on their smartphones is growing continuously

The time people spend on their smartphones is growing continuously


Do you spend more time with your phone than your family? Parents and children exchange 5,800 texts and 260 emails a year

The study also looked at social media and found that middle class teenagers

Mobile ad spending in India will likely quadruple between 2017 and 2021, to $1.73 billion, according to eMarketer, a market research firm.


smartphone user base “

He believes global apps should look at Indian pricing, rather than expect users to pay the conversion rate for apps priced in US dollars.

Young adults use their smartphones about twice as much as they think they do, according

Mobile phones linked to anxiety and severe depression in teens | Young Post | South China Morning Post

Google Android P Dashboard

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App spends

91% of consumers check email on their mobile phones ...

In a survey the Pratilipi of its users, 84% said they would not mind paying a subscription fee of Rs 50-100 a month if the content is better curated, ...

Octro also ranked second on the list of companies by consumer spends, one of three Indians companies in the top 10.

See chart Campaignmonitor ...

The Omidyar study quoted above found that You-Tube captured almost half the time spent on entertainment apps.

ET Magazine looks at the app world and the fun side of the internet economy.

“The more locallanguage content you make available, the more comfortable people will be using the internet,” says Kudva.

Children in the UK own their own phone by age seven on average, research suggests


Addicted: Overall Facebook remains the most used social media site among teens with 71 per

DMA consumer email tracking study 2016 Mobile Email. Smartphone ...

In 2016, video streaming accounted for half the mobile internet usage and by 2021, its share will rise to 75%. But getting people to pay is not going to ...

Teens looking at smartphones

Source: C. Odgers et al., Unpublished data

Older Americans have superior attention spans

"From 2011 to 2016 teens started spending much more time on social media and much less time with their friends face-to-face. Decades of research shows that ...

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woman smiling during a hug while man looks at cellphone

'All of the possibilities traced back to a major change in teens' lives:

Dad with cell phone and kids

It's not just parents who are worrying about their children's device usage. According to a new study released by Pew Research Center this week, ...

For The Children's Sake, Put Down That Smartphone

People who constantly check and use their mobile devices throughout the day may be more impatient and impulsive.

Smartphones cause insomnia, study finds

3.3% ...

A teen on her laptop Credit: Mikolette

Do smartphones and tablets harm a child's development?

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The Complete Guide to Breaking Your Smartphone Habit

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Edmon de Haro

... paid apps won't fly in India,” says Saudamini Pandey, who works for an NGO in Delhi, though she admits she subscribes to Netflix, her only paid ...

An employee assists customers looking at an Apple iPhone in Khimki, Russia.

Over two thirds of parents complained that technology has had a negative impact on their families

Customers using their smartphones at a restaurant in Japan

11 Reasons to Stop Looking at Your Phone

The Latest on Teen Cell Phone Addiction

Always on: Americans spend 11 hours a day looking at screens

Mobile commerce growth

A study by Union College in New York found anxious and insecure people spend more time

57% ...

break your smartphone habit flowchart illustration

Mobile ...

Boy using a mobile phone under his desk at school

Parents have been warned to limit the amount of time their kids spend looking at tablets and smart phones to protect their eyes

Many of us now spend hours every day glued to our smartphones.

The ...


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Mobile commerce statistics 2014 research

A mobile phone cage used for keeping the students' phones away from them to stop their uses of mobile phones during the class as the school's act on Mobile ...

It's ...

For Griffiths, the potential for SNS addiction lies in content and context of excessive use – not the time spent. However, at a conference about social ...

Upgrade downturn: why are people holding on to their old phones? | Money | The Guardian

55 ...

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The next level

A woman using a smartphone.

84% of people can't go one day without their phones

Our activity on websites and apps and demographic information is gathered using increasingly sophisticated technology to

mobile_email_usage_corrected After correcting the Campaignmonitor ...

social media ruining relationships

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia | Technology | The Guardian

mobile email opens by vertical movable ink 2015

Michael Friberg

2m under 13s now use Facebook, while the average child spends 1hr 48minutes online daily

Holding Your Smartphone Makes it Harder to Think

texting championship contest

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia | Technology | The Guardian

In search of lost timeWhy is everyone so busy?

Android phone users spent the most time ...