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These four images of Jupiters moon Amalthea were taken by

These four images of Jupiters moon Amalthea were taken by


These four images of Jupiter's moon, Amalthea, were taken by NASA's Galileo's solid state

This schematic cut-away view of the components of Jupiter's ring system shows the geometry

Moons of Jupiter

Montage of Jupiter's four Galilean moons, in a composite image depicting part of Jupiter and their relative sizes (positions are illustrative, not actual).

This montage shows the best views of Jupiter's four large and diverse "Galilean" satellites

Thebe also known as Jupiter XIV, is the fourth of Jupiter's moons by distance from the planet. It was discovered by Stephen P. Synnott in images from the ...

Jupiter's moon Ganymede. Credit: NASA

A scale comparison of the Earth, the Moon, and Jupiter's largest moons (the Galilean Moons). Credit: NASA/Walter Mysers

PIA07248: Amalthea, A Rubble-Pile Moon Full Resolution: TIFF (2.926 MB) ...

artist's concept of Galileo at Amalthea

Exploration of Jupiter

This natural color view of Ganymede was taken from the Galileo spacecraft during its first encounter with the Jovian moon. Credit: NASA/JPL

Downloads. Shapes of the Small Inner Satellites of Jupiter


Most of the 194 known natural satellites of the planets and dwarf planets are irregular moons, while only 19 are large enough to be round. Ganymede ...

Surface features of the four members at different levels of zoom in each row

Jupiter and the Galilean moons through a 25 cm (10 in) Meade LX200 telescope.

Image of Thebe taken by the Galileo spacecraft on 4 January 2000

Callisto's anti-Jovian hemisphere imaged in 2001 by NASA's Galileo spacecraft. It shows a heavily cratered terrain. The large impact structure Asgard is on ...

Best images yet of Thebe, Amalthea and Metis. These images of the inner Jovian moons ...

Family Portrait of the Small Inner Satellites of Jupiter

Jupiter's four largest moons are called the Galilean moons, since they were discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610. They were the first objects discovered in ...

The Jupiter system.

Jupiter's Moons

Figure 1: The Orbits of the Jupieter's Small Inner Moons Amalthea orbits Jupiter ...

... Latent0Image Amalthea, the 5th Moon of Jupiter | by Latent0Image

A montage of images of the small inner moons of Jupiter from the camera onboard NASA's


Remarkably, two small, inner Jovian moons, Amalthea and Thebe, along with their shadows, can also be found in the sharp Hubble view.

Amalthea casts a shadow on Jupiter in this image captured by NASA's Juno spacecraft; the

Side by side comparison of the size of Jupiter vs Earth

Amalthea the 5th Moon of Jupiter.jpg

They are named so because they were the only four moons that Galileo was able to see. They are also the largest of Jupiter's moons.

Pullout from Jupiter showing moons. Download

Jupiter seen from the surface of its moon, Amalthea. Amalthea is a tiny moon

These two images of the Jovian moon Thebe were taken by NASA's Galileo's solid state imaging

This three-color image of Amalthea was taken on March 4, 2979, by

Metis, inner moon of Jupiter

Jupiter's moon Ganymede. Credit: NASA

Amalthea, moon of Jupiter

They are named so because they were the only four moons that Galileo was able to see. They are also the largest of Jupiter's moons.

They are named so because they were the only four moons that Galileo was able to see. They are also the largest of Jupiter's moons.

The bluish plume on Io's limb is an eruption from the Pillan Patera volcano and is 140 km (86 miles) high. NASA/JPL/University of Arizona. Jupiter ...

Jupiter's diameter is one order of magnitude smaller (×0.10045) than that of the Sun, and one order of magnitude larger (×10.9733) than that of Earth.

Himalia is the fifth largest moon of Jupiter. It is also the largest moon of the Himalia group orbiting Jupiter.At a distance of about 11.5 million km from ...



Solar eclipses on Jupiter

Montage of Jupiter's four Galilean moons—(left to right) Io, Europa,

Amalthea is a moon of Jupiter, the third closest to the planet. Photo:


Callisto's Valhalla impact crater as seen by Voyager. Callisto (Jupiter IV) is the fourth ...

Jupiter and Ganymede

PIA02532: Bright Streak on Amalthea Full Resolution: TIFF (134.2 kB) ...


This global view of Jupiter's moon, Io, was obtained during the tenth orbit of

PIA01625: Scale Comparison of the Inner Small Satellites of Jupiter Full Resolution: TIFF (99.39 kB) ...

Jovian Moon Shadow

Drawing of Jupiter made on Nov. 1, 1880 by French artist and astronomer Etienne


Jupiter, in pastel colors because the observation was taken in near-infrared light,

This annotated color view of Jupiter and its four largest moons -- Io, Europa

The chart is to illustrate the enormous distance of Himalia (position marked by the red circle) to Jupiter and the four Galilean moons.

This composite includes the four largest moons of Jupiter which are known as the Galilean satellites

Based on new evidence from Jupiter's moon Europa, astronomers hypothesize that chloride salts bubble up

On Sept. 6, 1996, NASA's Galileo spacecraft observed this circular 36 kilometer (

43 Jupiter's Moons At least 16 4 ...

Jupiter's four brightest moons are easy to spot in a small telescope.

Jupiter's Moon Himalia.jpg

Radius: 69,911 kmDistance from the sun: 778,500,000 kmMass:1.898E27 kg (317.8 Earth mass)Surface area: 61,418,738,571 km2Orbital period:12 yearsMoons: 67

These two images of Jupiter's small, irregularly shaped moon Amalthea, obtained by the camera

Himalia is the tenth moon from the surface of Jupiter. It was discovered by Charles Perrine in 1904.

They are named so because they were the only four moons that Galileo was able to see. They are also the largest of Jupiter's moons.

Ganymedes, the third moon of Jupiter. #planet #science #nature #milkyway #amazing #photography #nasa #motherearth

Io, one of Jupiter's satellites, with Jupiter in the background

EuropaTwo views of the trailing hemisphere of Jupiter's ice-covered satellite, Europa, as seen by the U.S. spacecraft Galileo, showing its approximate ...

There are three other inner moons of Jupiter in addition to Metis, which is the closest—Adrastea (the smallest and the only other inner moon to orbit faster ...


The top and bottom panels show a mosaic of images of Jupiter's rings taken by NASA's

Artwork Galileo-Io-Jupiter.JPG

Jupiter's southern hemisphere © NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS

... (30.32 ...

A telescope image of Metis, an inner moon of Jupiter.


A model showing the distribution of material that is launched from Thebe and Amalthea,

5 Moons of Jupiter −Best known are the four ...

Jupiter with the Galilean moons – Io, Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto (near maximum elongation), respectively – and the full Moon as seen around conjunction ...

This mosaic of four Galileo images (416088922- 416089045), taken through the .