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Your teeth need to last you a lifetime so its vital that you keep

Your teeth need to last you a lifetime so its vital that you keep


Your teeth must last you a lifetime, therefore it's important to keep on top of

Teeth need to last a lifetime, it is therefore vital that you keep on top

Teeth really need to last you a lifetime, which makes it vital that you keep

Gum disease symptoms: Dentist reveals how to reduce risk of condition | Express.co.uk

Your teeth should last you a lifetime, therefore it is vital that you keep on

You get two sets of natural teeth in your lifetime, so taking proper care of them is vital for keeping them healthy and having them last.

Taking care of the teeth ...

whatyouneedtoknow Having a healthy mouth is important for overall health and well being. Healthy teeth © NZDA 2012 Taking care of your teeth need ...

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Teeth are very strong and durable. If taken care of properly, they can last for a lifetime. However, even so, they're still susceptible to breaking, ...

Even though you've gotten your braces off and your teeth look nice and straight, you will need to maintain that.

How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth

A Look at the Ages and Stages of Teeth

Exposed to the food and drink we consume, and other environmental hazards such as oral medications, nicotine smoke and more, it is safe to say that our ...

Teeth Bothering You? Here's The Recommendations You Need Nothing says "hello" quite like ...

Teeth really should last a lifetime, so it is vital that you keep on top

When Do You Need Dental Deep Cleaning? A dentist shows patient model of teeth with gum disease.

... crafting for blending seamlessly with the natural teeth to the extent the patients forget having the caps and the length of time it lasts. You may reach ...

What Are the Benefits Of Flossing Your Teeth?

Eighty percent of North American teenagers are currently in an orthodontist's care, with the recommended average age of a first visit now 7.


How Many Teeth Do People Have?

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wear your retainer. Retainers are extremely important for maintaining straight teeth after braces. How long do you need ...

... however, so you can't always tell when their teeth or gums are hurting. This is why regularly scheduled dental exams (see below) are so important.


Are you suffering from tooth sensitivity, fractured teeth, or stained teeth? You might be dealing with enamel erosion. Depending on the severity of your ...

Fixing Small Chips. Many patients have chips on their front teeth ...

Oral Health and Pregnancy

We need to keep them healthy so that they can last a lifetime.

How to Keep Your Teeth for a Lifetime: What You Should Know About Caring for Your Teeth: B. Theo Clifford: 9781475964509: Amazon.com: Books

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly - For Kids

At Prosper Family Dentistry, we believe the most important part of our job is to keep your teeth and gums healthy, so that you can keep them for a lifetime.

Our goal is to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. An important element of your dental health is regular check-ups and teeth cleaning (dental hygiene).

Ever wonder why some people seldom brush their teeth and have no cavities? Here's why

Since most people will deal with a cavity at some point during their lifetime it's important that you ...

Teeth Servicing · Teeth Servicing. You get your ...

A healthy connection between gums and teeth can help you keep your natural smile for life

Fixed retainer

Fixing Small Chips

How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Your Baby

Are you wondering what is so important about flossing; is flossing right for you? The answer is simple. If you want to keep your teeth flossing

Now that some or all of your child's permanent teeth have come in, maintaining their good health is vital. When treated properly, they can last a lifetime.

This is a 6 tooth animal. There are four obvious permanent teeth and two more either side breaking the gum. Note that you count the permanent teeth on the ...

mom and daughter brushing teeth

How long does a dental implant last? You may have heard the lifespan of a dental implant is 25 years or more, which is true, as long as you take proper care ...

I have some of my own teeth. Can I still have implants?

Everyone has primary (baby) teeth, and most people (around 60%) experience some level of tooth decay that affects baby teeth. But, baby teeth are temporary, ...

When you do not practice good oral hygiene regularly, the result can be tooth decay, gum infection and tooth loss. Regular dental visits with a family ...

You Asked: How Many Friends Do I Need?

Teeth really need to last a lifetime, therefore it is vital that you keep on top of them. Dental health isn't all that hard to accomplish.

Ways to Have Strong Teeth For A Lifetime A lot of people believe that whitening toothpaste ...

As soon as your child's first tooth erupts it is important to begin brushing. It is recommended that children brush with fluoride toothpaste at least twice ...

Root canal treatment.

Here are some dental issues you may face.

5 Things to Do Daily to Keep Your Heart Healthy. You ...

Gum disease symptoms: Dentist reveals how to reduce risk of condition | Express.co.uk

Jess Watters/Pexels

Learn More about Dental Implants

How Long Should I Wear My Retainer?

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Tooth Remineralization: A Natural Way To Reverse Cavities

Your retainer helps you maintain that good-looking smile for a lifetime.

Ask to see X-rays and get a second opinion

illustration of dental deep cleaning

Tips For Having A Bright And Beautiful Smile by overwroughtchie82 - issuu

Something cool can help alleviate pain

In fact, Ingvar Brånemark, a Swedish orthopedic surgeon, invented the first dental implants in 1952. Branemark continued to study and refine his findings ...

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Of all the tooth whitening options, visiting your dentist will give the longest-lasing results, but it will also cost the most. Teeth whitening from your ...

An illustration of dental implants.


You may also choose not to replace the tooth and instead leave it missing. If you choose the latter, it is important to understand that your ability to chew ...

What Happens to your Teeth if you forget to wear your retainer for a week or month or years!

WHY IS PREVENTIVE DENTAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE on your teeth and gums so important? There are several reasons.

8 Secrets About Teeth EVERYONE Needs to Know: To Save Money, Time and Grief: Ted Grellner DDS: 9781533697677: Amazon.com: Books

Eleven tips to treat white spots on teeth Having white spots on your teeth can be undesirable, but they are rarely a serious medical concern.

Life Stages

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Teeth appear to have first evolved in their ancestors. Since they use their teeth for everything from defense to attack, from chewing mollusks to fish, ...