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Viraleverything ionutmusicmoviesportblogspotcom t


In an era of industry-obsessed MCs, interchangeable hashtag raps, and “viral” everything, it has become increasingly difficult to find a true original in ...

viraleverything: Poezie de stadion

It's a big shiny word. Everybody wants to be viral. Everything needs to be viral. If it isn't shared, it didn't happen. DID IT GO VIRAL? Make it viral.

Everything ...

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.

A nice surprie Tony Hawk visited the Hafnarfjörður skate park yesterday. Here he is with Jón Óskar Borgþórsson. Photo/Brettafélag Hafnarfjarðar Facebook

Souvenirs If you don't want to stock up on refrigerator magnets and witty T-shirts you should check these out. Photo/Iceland Magazine

In court yesterday The people who were arrested were led in front of a judge yesterday. Photo/Fréttablaðið

British YouTube star disgusted by Icelandic candy: “Stop putting this black sh*t in your candy!” | Icelandmag

Backpackers in downtown Reykjavík Historically Germany has been the most important market for Iceland as a travel destination. Photo/Andri Maríno


Customs There are all kinds of things you can't bring with you to Iceland. Large quantities of foods are among these. Photo/Anton Brink.

Thomas Möller Olsen The Greenlandic sailor responsible for the most heinous crimes in recent Icelandic history. Photo/Anton Brink

Enjoy an international comedy event featuring two comedians from two different islands

New York Times praises New York restaurant Agern, headed by Icelandic chef Gunnar Karl

Celebrating arrival of winter The annual Meat Soup Day celebration on Skólavörðustígur is always great fun. Photo/Meat Soup Day, Facebook

Do you know any of these people? The Metropolitan Police is trying to contact the people in the above photos. Photo/Metropolitan Police

Continuing popularity Iceland continues to be a popular destination. Photo/Anton

Storm Dangerous localized winds in the North, North West, and South East of Iceland can blow cars off the road. Photo/Andri Maríno

viraleverything: For all gamblers what love play in casino

Foreign visitors Anyone telling you there is a negative backlash against tourism in Iceland doesn't know what he's talking about. Photo/Ernir

A small business The first day of summer vacation is the perfect day to launch a new business venture! Photo/Hrannar Pétursson

Fly direct from Keflavík Airport to 33 different cities this winter | Icelandmag

viraleverything: O intrebare mica pe youtube (Little ask on Youtube.

Viva la revolución Organiser Nanna (left) and Sunna, the t-shirt's designer. Icelanders will gather in front of the parliament building in Austurvöllur next ...

Jóhann Jóhannsson The 45 year old Reykjavík born musician and composer has been tipped as a likely Oscar nominee. Photo/Sachyn Mital, Wikipedia

Jake Shimabukuro plays Nirvana : Smells Like Teen Spirit on ukulele On Complex - YouTube

Woman's Amazing Break-Up Letter Goes Mega-Viral: 'Everything Else…Is At Kelsi's House!' Jun. 3, 2013

The animal Based on photographs some commentators speculated the animal could be an endangered blue whale. Photo/Hard to Port, Facebook

We hope the man in the photo has learned his lesson: You don't go to the toilet in people's backyards. Photo/Sigríður Jónsdóttir

Preparing for a Halloween party These young local women secured their pumpkins before the stores ran out. Photo/Vilhelm

Reykjanesbraut highway Looking west in the direction of Keflavík from a spot near where the accident took place. Photo/Valli

Doesn't look like a road to us Any reasonable person with any experience driving a 4x4 should have been able to see that driving on soggy ground like this ...

Color-coordinated The gas station at Tjörn in North Iceland. Photo/Bjarki Hólmgeir, Facebook

Reykjavík Households have been taking advantage of higher real-estate prices to refinance, but household debt remains stable. Photo/Anton Brink

Hafþór Júlíus, often referred to as 'Thor', is the second strongest man in the world. Photo/Valli

How?! The internet has been scratching its head over this photo. Photo/Hannes Lárus Hjálmarsson, Facebook

Don't do this Breaking the law, destroying nature, getting stuck and needing Police assistance and incuring the hatred of locals and everyone who loves ...

At the edge of the world Reykjavík is the northernmost capital city in the world as well as the only capital city anywhere with a large puffin colony.

Krafla area An aerial view of the lava fields which flowed during the 1975-84 Fires of Krafla. Photo/Wikipedia under a creative commons license.

At the scene The accident took place near the intersection of the Ring Road and the road to Landeyjarhöfn harbor west of Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

The Aurora One of the natural wonders which have powered the growth of tourism in recent years. Photo/Ernir

Icelandair and WOW In addition to the two Icelandic airlines a record number of foreign airlines will offer direct flights to Keflavík in 2018.

Volcanic and Geothermal Landscapes Mount Keilir (center), a 379 m (1243 ft) high volcano, is the best known landmark on Reykjanes peninsula.

Two very dissimilar presidents Guðni and Putin preside over very dissimilar countries, but both have found their way into the news for what some feel is ...

Reykjavík City Hall The City Council approved yesterday a motion to boycott all Israeli goods. Photo/GVA

A problem of people and the internet | New Straits Times | Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News

Liverpool Docks - skyline

Iceland isn't "Sold Out" Not yet, at least. The rapid growth of the tourism industry in recent year has represented a dramatic shift, which has sometimes ...

Traffic jam at Grótta The small parking lot at the peninsula tip couldn't handle the traffic. Photo/Margrét Helga

Window-weather Yes, that's a thing in Icelandic. What does it mean? See below. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

about a year ago

Skógafoss One of the most popular stops on the South Coast of Iceland, located between Seljalandsfoss waterfall and the village Vík. Photo/Vitor Marques

Near the Blue Lagoon Please don't drive in! Photo/Blue Lagoon

Snæfellsnes on the Top 100 list of most sustainable tourist destinations in the world | Icelandmag

Winter in May Reykjavík residents have woken up to a return of winter for two days in a row. Photo/Vilhelm

Game of Thrones Danish born Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jamie Lannister and Jerome Flynn Photo/IMDB

Overpriced and unnecessary The above picture, taken in a local convenience store was sent to us by a reader: You can pay 349 ISK for half a liter of ...

Svínafellsjökull glacier Iceland is the world's most peaceful country. Photo/Jói K

Akureyri The largest town in North Iceland, Akureyri stands by Eyjafjörður fjord. Photo/Auðunn

Actual fake news The photo and name of the President of Iceland are being used by a fake news site to scam unsuspecting people. Photo/Screenshot-vísir

Worker Shortage The ad the local council took out offering jobs at the swimming pool in Öxarfjörður.

At the scene The travellers drove right into the oncoming semi-trailer truck. Photo/Eyþór

Two of the pysja patrols This summer the children of Vestmannaeyjar islands rescued nearly 5,000 pufflings, called pysja in Icelandic. Photo/Sæheimar.

Kambarnir The eastern slopes of Hellisheiði heath are called Kambarnir. Photo/IRCA

A raven-þing Highly intelligent birds, the ravens play an important role in Norse mythology. Odin's two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, brought him news from ...

Unusual sight Helga Þorbergsdóttir and Sigurgeir Már Jensson found two men camping in their back garden in Vík on Tuesday. Photo/Vísir

Is there really an Icelandic "Horse Naming Commission" which has to approve horse names?

Go west WOW Air begins its flight service between Pittsburg and Iceland in June 2017. The approximate flight duration time is 5 hrs, 22 mins Photo/Vihelm ...

Breiðdalsheiði heath Road signs alert travellers to the fact that they are leaving the Ring Road, warn that the road can be impassable in winter.

Icelanders abandon National State Church, as old pagan Ásatrú continues to grow

Not Bono While the Serbian lookalike pranced around Reykjavík the Real Bono posed for photos in Cannes (center). Photo/Vísir

Hiking the scree If you don't appreciate rocky screes hiking in Iceland isn' t for you! Photo/Sigtryggur Ari

Öxnadalsheiði heath Conditions in low lying areas can be deceptive and deteriorate quickly as you reach higher elevation. Photo/Vilhelm

#Showbiz: Thumbs up for Gol & Gincu Vol. 2 (review) | New Straits Times | Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News

Naming committee stops parents from naming daughter after goddess of the underworld | Icelandmag

Criminal off-road driving This kind of behavior can only be described as idiotic. Photo/Vatnajökull National Park

Old and lovely Inside Reykjavík's oldest house you'll find the designer boutique Kraum. Photo/GVA

Cold tap water will finally be made available at Keflavík terminal | Icelandmag

Borgarfjörður eystri seen from the air One of the smallest and most remote villages in the East-Fjords is also one of the most beautiful village in Iceland.

At the scene The whales had lost significant quantity of blood, were in great distress. One of the two managed to survive until the tide came back in.

Please don't do this Remember that ALL off-road driving is illegal in Iceland

Icelandic chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason debuts in New York with a Michelin star | Icelandmag

Door Slammer Each Yule Lad is named after the particular prank they play on people. Door Slammer goes around slamming people's doors!

Cod is ok, Pineapple not so much A new development in arguably the biggest politicial controversy of the day, Pineapple-pizza-gate. Photo/Vísir.

Stuck in the storm and rain No planes have been allowed to dock with the terminal due to the storm. Photo/Vilhelm

Hiking in Central Highalnds The beautiful video follows a local doctor and his fellow hikers around Iceland in the summer of 2016.

Hiking in Hornstrandir There is a plethora of beautiful hiking trails to be found all over Iceland. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

Stubbornly ignoring the warnings Police in South Iceland and local authorities don't have the funding to post a permanent guard to ensure the safety of ...

Icelandic canon. Viewers of the television programme Kiljan put together a list of what they consider to be the 150 best Icelandic literary works. Photo/GVA

Charming The house is known as 'Gamli barnaskólinn', The Old School, and is located on the town's oldest street, Búðarstígur. Photo/Híbýli

A new prospective? Portrayed as ruthless killers, the Vikings may have gotten an unfair reputation says one Yale historian. Photo/Sara

I'm not sure if there was a zipper convention sometime before I got here to Reykjavik, but I still haven't adjusted to the ...

The Ring Road Don't let the scenery distract you! Photo/GVA